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PROFILES: Meet the 7 ‘Obidient’ Senators-Elect in the Tenth National Assembly

With 7 Senators-Elect in the 10th National Assembly, the Labour Party can be described as the party with the most dark horses in the February 25 National Assembly Elections. This piece examines the political antecedents of these ‘Obident lawmakers’ in the next Senate and how they secured victory at the general election.     READ ALSO: “Only 33% of Nigerians voted NASS candidates on individual merit” – OrderPaper   Taunted as a party without a...

PROFILES: Meet the 10 Ex-Governors moving to the 10th National Assembly

 Victory it was, for ten out of the seventeen ex-governors who sought Senatorial seats in the February 25 National Assembly elections. This piece spotlights these ex-governors along the demographics of incumbent lawmakers, former National Assembly members and newbies   READ ALSO: Fact File: Performance Scorecards of Ex-Governors at the 9th Assembly       The Red Chamber of the National Assembly has for a long time been perceived as a retirement home for ex-governors in...

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