“I do not want wahala” – Senator dodges budget padding question, walks out of live interview

Sharon EboesomiApril 2, 20243 min

Senator Jarigbe immediately exited the live interview after refusing to speak on the scrutinisation of the 2024 budget.

“I do not want wahala” - Senator dodges budget padding question, walks out of live interview

Senator Agom Jarigbe (PDP, Cross River North) has blatantly refused to respond to questions of the scrutinisation of the controversial 2024 budget padding allegation.

Jarigbe, while speaking during a live interview with Arise News on Sunday, claimed that answering questions on the scrutinisation of the 2024 budget was going to cause him “wahala.”

The anchor of the breakfast show who had requested Senator Jarigbe to speak on the 2024 budget said, “I do find it fascinating that a Senator will say that a budget was not scrutinised by himself, line by line when I myself has scrutinised the budget line by line.”

Following this statement, the Senator questioned, “What’s the budget of the Senatorial district where you come from?”

Responding to Senator Jarigbe, the anchor said, “You are asking me for the arithmetic of my Senatorial district, I scrutinised it by ministry. I can tell you your budget in different ministries if you wish to.

“I was not elected by the people of Cross River North, you are, it is your duty I believe, not mine, but let’s move on to your duty as the Chairman of the Committee on Gas.” 

Jarigbe interjected, saying, “Come oh, what is this budget, budget talk nah? I want to talk about my thanksgiving and representation to my people, you people are doing budget, budget, budget, I will walk away oh. You people want me to say something that I will go and face wahala, you should allow me oh, let me serve my people quietly.”

Shortly after this remark, Jarigbe immediately exited the live interview. 

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OrderPaper recalls that Jarigbe had earlier claimed that some senators got N500 million in the budget.

He disclosed this during a plenary  session while the lawmakers debated on the claims made by Senator Abdul Ningi (PDP, Bauchi Central) that the 2024 budget was padded by N3.7 trillion.

During this debate, the Senate was immediately thrown into a rowdy session when Senator Jarigbe said, “If we want to go into this issue, all of us are culpable. Some older senators got N500 million each, I am a ranking Senator, I didn’t get.”

STAR Check: Nigerians, particularly, constituents of Cross River North district, can keep tabs on the legislative performance of Sen. Jarigbe throughout the 10th senate here.

Sharon Eboesomi

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