Reps panel set to evaluate performance of House Committees

Elizabeth AtimeMarch 26, 20243 min

“Without effective and efficient monitoring, there cannot be an effective evaluation outcome. Hence, this reporting template ensures an effective monitoring system.”

The chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), Rep. Obinna Aguocha (Abia, LP) has revealed that it has written to the over 50 Committees of the House to submit their quarterly performance reports from the inception of the 10th House to March 31.

Aguocha made this known at a one-day capacity-building workshop for the House Committee on Monitoring and Evaluation of Implementation of Legislative Agenda and the Committee on Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of Standing/Ad-hoc Committees, organised by the National Institute of Legislative Studies (NILDS), the Konrad Foundation and the office of the Speaker in Abuja.

The Abia lawmaker disclosed that the 10th House Evaluation Metric would be based on key performance indicators that align with different Committees’ mandates and major activities as well as rating mechanisms for each activity line adding that the success or failure of the 10th House of Representatives rests squarely on the effectiveness of checkmating.

Additionally, we have also developed a Process and Reporting Template for all Committees. The draft reporting framework also stipulated the responsibilities, obligations and privileges of each party and the timeline for report submissions to enable both the Committees and the M&E Committee to adequately process the reports, evaluate the legislative outputs and make submissions to the House,” he stated.

“Also, recognising that without effective and efficient monitoring, there cannot be an effective evaluation outcome, the M&E Committee have drafted the 10th House of Reps Standing/AdHoc Committees Monitoring Framework and Reporting Template to ensure an effective monitoring system and plans to group the Committees of the House and assign Committee Members and ad-hoc to provide supervision for Committee Activities.

“To enable the Committee to leverage technology and human resources within and outside the committee, we have initiated discussions with a Technical Working Group (TWG) to develop the 10th House of Representatives M & E Dashboard that would be a one-stop virtual platform for all Committee’s Legislative Outputs Evaluation Reports, tracking of implementation of recommendations adopted by the House/Leadership and for stakeholders’ feedback, among other features,” Aguocha added.

Elizabeth Atime

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