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New Orientation on State Policing: Kano lawmaker backs bill Rep. Aliyu Madaki (NNPP, Kano)has this to say about the establishment of State Police in Nigeria despite opposing it in the past on the notion that it can be used by the state government to oppress their opponents.

Nigerians react to the soaring cost of living and security crisis The two hottest topics on the lips of Nigerians nowadays are high cost of living and insecurity. Almost NO ONE is spared from the effects of these issues which has generated into protests and demonstrations. On this week’s of SPS, we took to the streets to ask citizens their opinion on these topics.

Senator Akpabio hits at Godwin Emefiele amidst the rising cost of inflation. In today’s edition of Parliament Weekly, we took a look at the must to know events that occurred in the parliament. Make sure to like, comment and share.

The issue of women and youth participation in politics has always been a contentious topic of discussion. This is as a result of age discrimination among youths while women are excluded from politics due to sociocultural and institutional norms and several other reasons. A perfect example is the dwindling number of female legislative candidates and lawmakers-elect in the recent 2023 general elections. Listen to what citizens had to say on this topic.

OrderPaper Executive Director, Oke Epia on AIT Kakaaki show speaks on the factors that should determine the election of the Presiding Officers of the National Assembly. These presiding officers are the President of the Senate, Speaker of the House, Deputy President of the Senate and Deputy Speaker of the House and these lawmakers have begun lobbying, networking and forming alliances with hopes of finding their way into the prestigious seats. This video is a must...

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