Oyo Assembly holds plenary in Yoruba language

Leah TwakiMarch 23, 20242 min

How impactful would it be for State Assemblies to hold plenary sessions in indigenous languages like Yoruba to enhance citizens’ comprehension?

Plenary in Yoruba language

In a bold embrace of cultural heritage, Thursday’s plenary session at the Oyo State assembly was conducted entirely in the Yoruba language, adhering to the House’s policy.

The session was presided over by the Speaker of the Oyo State Assembly, Rt. Hon. Adebo Ogundoyin who made this known via his Twitter (X) handle saying the aim is to promote the Yoruba culture and tradition while engaging with the indigenous population through live streams.

Dubbed “Yoruba Ponbele,” the sitting showcased a commitment to preserving and celebrating the essence of Yoruba identity. Amidst the cultural immersion, three significant motions were presented, reflecting diverse aspects of societal concern.

The first motion, titled “Bibu ola fun Oba Mohood Lekan Balogun Ali, Okunmade Keji, Olubadan kejilelogoji to waja,” advocates for the commemoration and immortalization of the late Olubadan. This motion underscores the importance of honouring esteemed traditional rulers and preserving their legacies for future generations.

The second motion, “Ebe ki ijoba ipinle Oyo gbe awon agbe ni gbowo bi asiko ogbin se n fi ese lele ki a le ni anito ati aniseku ounje nipinle Oyo,” urges the State Government to enhance support for farmers as the planting season approaches to ensure abundant food supply within the state. This motion highlights the critical role of agricultural sustainability in fostering economic development and food security.

Lastly, the third motion was “O se pataki lati ro awon ijoba ibile lagbara kiwon o le pari sise atunse awon opopona towa ni esekuku” highlighting the imperative of community empowerment, this motion calls for the “Need for the State Government to empower Local Government authorities to enable them to embark on rehabilitation of bad roads in their local councils”.

The Speaker noted that “The House approved all the resolutions contained in the three motions and they will be forwarded to the Executive Arm of Government for further action.”

Leah Twaki

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