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Korinjoh ReginaMarch 19, 20244 min
Launch of Parliamentary Dev Prog

In a significant affirmation of its status as Nigeria’s preeminent policy think tank that bridges the gap between citizens and parliament, OrderPaper has been listed as a key partner in the implementation of the Parliamentary Development Programme (PDP) of the 10th House of Representatives for the period 2023-2027

Cover page of the parliamentary development programme
Cover page of the 10th House PDP

The 10th House of Representatives recently unveiled its four-year development plan, titled Parliamentary Development Programme (PDP) for the 10th House of Representatives, National Assembly, 2023-2027. This event was held on the 19th of February, 2024, at the House of Representatives, National Assembly, Abuja.

Following a series of engagements which birthed the document prepared by the Office of the Speaker in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme, OrderPaper was listed as a key technical partner, particularly in the critical capacity development for Legislators, National Assembly staff and other stakeholders. This collaboration marks a watershed moment, underscoring the organisation’s increasing reputation and authority in the legislative space. As a trusted source of insightful analysis and strategic guidance, our organisation has become pivotal in shaping policies and programs to advance Nigeria’s democratic institutions. Being recognised as a technical partner in capacity development further solidifies OrderPaper’s position as a leading authority in legislative affairs.

During the launch, in his speech, the Deputy Speaker, Rep Benjamin Kalu, who represented the Speaker of the House, stated that the PDP was in line with the House Legislative Agenda, which identifies strengthening the legislature’s internal capacity as a critical factor in achieving all our other legislative objectives.

10th House Parliamentary Development Programme launch
Cross-section of legislators and development partners at the public presentation of the PDP

Similarly, OrderPaper, through its Quarterly Policy Report (QPR), enriched the research data further as captured in the PDP. The utilisation of OrderPaper’s edition of  QPR Quater 4, December 2023, A Peep into the 10th National Assembly by the House of Representatives underscores the tangible impact of the organisation’s research, policy, and advocacy efforts in Nigeria’s public policy space. By providing comprehensive data and evidence-based recommendations in its occasional knowledge products, OrderPaper has often facilitated informed decision-making by stakeholders in the country’s public and private sectors while charting a course for legislative strengthening and reforms.


As OrderPaper continues to play a pivotal role in shaping policies and initiatives that drive positive change and progress through collaboration, institutional strengthening, research, and advocacy, these initiatives have generated impact. Hence, in his message, the Chairman of the House Committee on Monitoring and Evaluation of the Implementation of the Legislative Agenda, Patrick Umoh, extended his appreciation to UNDP, PLAC Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, YIAGA Africa, CISLAC, Order Paper, and the National Assembly Business Environment Roundtable among others for their contributions towards parliamentary development.

In his remarks, the Executive Director of OrderPaper, Oke Epia, commended the 10th House on the laudable initiative and expressed the organisation’s continued commitment to developing the legislature.

OrderPaper remains dedicated to advancing our mission of fostering inclusive, transparent, and accountable governance. As we continue to engage with policymakers, stakeholders, and the public, we are poised to elevate further our influence and impact in shaping Nigeria’s legislative landscape for the betterment of all. Together, we can build a more robust, more resilient democracy that serves the needs and aspirations of every Nigerian citizen.”

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Parliamentary Development Programme (PDP) for the 10th House of Representatives, National Assembly, 2023-2027

Korinjoh Regina

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