NCoS outlines plans to rehabilitate old prisons, staff quarters

Beloved JohnDecember 9, 20233 min

The NCoS says it plans to rehabilitate dilapidated facilities for inmates and staff of the service if it gets sufficient budgetary allocation in 2024

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The Nigeria Correction Services (NCos) says it plans to rehabilitate dilapidated correctional centres staff quarters and build new ones to reduce the prevalence of overcrowded prisons across the country.

The NCos Comptroller General, Haliru Nababa, pleaded for an increased allocation in the 2024 budget to ensure that the service can achieve its goals and improve the welfare of inmates nationwide.

He appealed to the National Assembly joint committee on interior at the 2024 budget defence meeting, which was held on Thursday, December 7, 2023, at the National Assembly.   

“We need more funds to fix our dilapidated correctional centres and staff quarters. There are worn-out correctional centres in all the states across the country. Also, it will enable us to continue the construction of 2000 capacity correctional centres across the six geopolitical zones, as approved by the former president,” he said.

The Service’s proposed budget estimate for 2024 is N120.62 billion. From this, N75.8 billion is proposed for personnel cost, N30.8bn is for overhead cost and N13.9bn for capital expenditure.

Recall that the NCoS told the joint committee of the parlous and inhuman conditions of inmates with N750 allocated to feed each inmate a day.

According to Nababa, the Service will improve its digital surveillance and security system within and around custodial centres if the proposed budget is approved. 

He also noted that the Nigeria Correctional Service seeks to increase the daily feeding allowance for each inmate to a minimum of N3,000 per day. 

“The funds will be expended towards purchasing cameras and accessories in one medium/maximum custodian centre nationwide. The service will also embark on the rehabilitation/digitalisation of inmates and personnel activities in custodial centres nationwide, which will invariably beef up security around custodial centres and the nation at large.”

The Nigeria Correctional Services also disclosed that it aims to generate revenue into federal government coffers through farming and its trade in the cottage industry.

The service projected revenue estimate for 2024 is N141.6m, and for 2025, N161.6m. 

Speaking on this, Nababa said, “In the cause of discharging our duty, the service as well generates revenue via farm centres and cottage industries through trade and skill acquisition. Although the Service is not considered a revenue-generating one, it will not be left out in contributing its quota in the mobilisation of the nation’s revenue.”

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