LIFE SERVICE: Education, health, top NASS agenda for the week

Kauthar KhaleelOctober 18, 20235 min

As the Senate and The House of Representatives continue with the inauguration of their respective standing committees, the Legislative Intelligence Forecast (LIFE) Service by Kauthar Anumba Khaleel, provides a glimpse into issues to be addressed at plenary this week.


Barring last-minute changes, Senators will consider the report of the National Social Investment Programme Agency Act. Recall that OrderPaper recently reported that the Senate is looking to move the agency from the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs to the presidency.

Also, following an announcement by the Director-General of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), that the recent release of water by Lagdo Dam in Cameroon will cause more flood disasters in eight states, the senators will debate a motion that looks to permanently address the problem, and compensate communities ravaged by it.

The lawmakers will also consider an investigation into various turn-around maintenance projects of refineries in Nigeria in a bid to uncover waste and forestall further waste of public resources. These projects reportedly cost the country trillions of Naira yet, refineries remain unproductive.

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In view of the rising insecurity in the country, the lawmakers will, in addition to other previous interventions, consider the re-introduction of toll gates on all major highways as well as entry and exit points in major cities across the.

Recall that former President Olusegun Obasanjo during his tenure, issued an order to dismantle all toll-gates over mismanagement. The Senate, however, will be deliberating this with the aim to check and control the movement of weapons and explosives across the country as well as to check the movement of persons in and within the country.


During the week, the House amongst other things will take steps to address some national issues, much of which are youth-related. It will further legislative action on a bill that seeks to establish, plan, and implement curriculum measures and evaluate students and other applicants for placement into schools under the Federal Capital Territory.

Also, the contents of some learning materials in pre-nursery and nursery schools in the country will come under scrutiny as a motion calling for the ban of educational materials perceived to promote immorality in pre-nursery and nursery schools in the country will be presented. This move follows concerns raised in some quarters over lessons being taught to little children in schools.

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Considering the current economic hardship birthed by the removal of fuel subsidy as well as the recent increment in tuition fees by most schools, the Green Chamber will be taking a look at the mandatory payment of acceptance fees for admission into tertiary institutions across the country.

It is equally expected to debate, a Bill for an Act for the Establishment of the Nigerian Authors Trust Fund. The proposed legislation seeks to provide financial aid to authors and aspiring authors in Nigeria.

Additionally, employment and youth development will feature on the floor of the House as a bill proposing the establishment of the Niger Delta Institute of Technology and skills acquisition, Beeri, Rivers State, and to make comprehensive provisions for management, administration, and detailed identification of areas in technology, skills acquisition is scheduled for pass second reading.

After its inauguration in June, one of the first assignments the Tajudeen Abbas-led House undertook was launching an investigation into controversies that trailed employment by government departments and agencies. During the investigative hearing, a few issues came to light, among which were job racketeering and lopsided employment in totally disregarded the Federal Character Act.

Interestingly, the Federal Character Commission was named as one of the agencies that violated the Act that established it.

In view of this, a Bill to amend the Federal Character Commission Act is scheduled to be read a second time on the floor of the House sometime this week. The amendment seeks to prosecute violators of the Act and stiffen the punishment for offenders.

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Additionally, the lawmakers will debate a motion on the non-implementation of the Basic Healthcare Provision Fund. On the part of health professionals especially, medical doctors, the legislators will be taking steps to address the issue of brain drain. Brain drain is a national concern that the 9th House attempted to address but, failed.

Recall that it initiated an amendment to the Medical and Dental Practitioners Act to stop the migration of Nigerian-trained medical practitioners. The amendment proposed that Nigerian-trained medical doctors must serve in the country for five years before they are given a full practicing license.

This time, the House will be looking at the possible introduction of policies and programmes to stem the tide of unsustainable brain drain from the country.

Motions on insecurity have consistently been brought on both chambers of the National Assembly owing to the prevailing security situation in the country. This week, members will weigh in on issues of insecurity in areas of Sokoto and Nasarawa States.

Expectedly, infrastructure-related motions and bills will also be addressed. Notable amongst these is a motion on the non-completion of the Lagos-Ibadan and Lagos-Abeokuta expressways, and a motion to investigate the wholesale adoption of concrete technology for road construction in the country.

Other issues may be addressed under motions of urgent public importance.


Kauthar Khaleel

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