NASS Management declares a state of emergency on capacity development of staff

Ojochenemi Onje-JamesAugust 21, 20233 min

The clerk said the capacity building workshop seeks to expose parliamentary staff to new terrains and dimensions in the world of Public Service to enhance their capacity in service delivery.



The management of the National Assembly has declared a State of Emergency on the Capacity Development of its entire staff across all levels.

This is as it resolved to introduce a series of reforms that are aimed at ensuring organizational growth as well as service delivery.

To kick off the implementation of this State of Emergency on Capacity Development, a 4-day workshop was launched for intermediate and senior management personnel at the Chida Hotel, Abuja on Monday.

During the opening ceremony of the Capacity-Building Workshop, the Clerk to the National Assembly, Alhaji Sani Magaji Tambawal, emphasised the importance of training as a vital tool for organizational growth and the advancement of development.

Tambuwal stressed that training would play a key role in addressing the capacity gaps identified during the Assembly’s assessment tour of all its Directorates.

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“The intrinsic values and attractions of training make it possible for organisations to retain top talents. That is why the Management has declared a ‘State-of-Emergency’ on capacity development for Staff of the National Assembly.

“This became our resolve, having realised that it is an improved workforce combined with institutional structures, tools, and a Staff-friendly welfare system that would catapult the National Assembly Service to the desirable height.

“The theme of this workshop: “Re-orientation for improved Productivity and Service Delivery”, and the incidental topics are carefully chosen to expose participants to new terrains and dimensions in the world of Public Service to galvanise our service delivery capacity.

“As Jack Welch, an American Business Executive opined, the ultimate competitive advantage of an organisation is its ability to learn and rapidly translate the learning into action. It is, therefore, our hope that this training would enable all participants not only to teach the vision and mission we represent as an indispensable arm of government but to also put them into use for the benefit and good of all.”

The clerk added that aside capacity development training, improved welfare, and good working condition for staff, are also being envisioned for them.

“In our desire to be more Staff-centred and to leave an enduring legacy through institutional reforms, the Management has no doubt expressed its passion for Staff welfare in several ways.

“Hence, the recent procurement of Coaster Buses for the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria (PASAN), National Assembly Chapter, the ongoing revitalisation of the National Assembly Clinic, and improved stocking of its mini-pharmacy with medications, the recent Lagos Labour-Management Relations Workshop, other training programs that are in the offing.

“Our open door policy and decentralised approach to administration are all manifestations of our efforts for the realisation of a more conducive workplace,” he added.

Earlier, the Secretary, of Human Resources and Staff Development, Barrister Birma Shaibu Maina, said the intensive capacity development workshop being organised for all categories of Staff in NASS, will reposition it for better service delivery to the lawmakers and Nigerians generally.

“Conservative scenario of a staff staying on a particular schedule for close to 10 to 20 years would be a thing of the past,” he stated.

The training is part of a broader effort to cultivate a more skilled, professional, and efficient National Assembly workforce, capable of effectively fulfilling its mandated responsibilities.





Ojochenemi Onje-James

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