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GESI TRACKER: leave for widows and widowers and the Statutory budget

Widowed persons are often the forgotten faces of gender inequality, facing discrimination and marginalisation in many societies. For the plenary week of March 11th-15th, 2024, GESI Tracker delves into the widows’ and widowers’ bereavement leave bill and other gender issues.  Leave for Widows and Widowers Widows and widowers in Nigeria often face significant challenges, including social stigmatisation, economic hardship, and lack of access to resources and support. Traditional practices and beliefs sometimes contribute to their...

DOWNLOAD: The MVP Hall of Fame Publication (Semifinal Edition)

OrderPaper Nigeria recently released its first publication on the #MVPHallOfFame ahead of the Induction and unveiling of successful finalists. Find out more about the initiative in the piece.     WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE #MVPHallOfFame?     The Most Valuable Parliamentarian (MVP) Hall of Fame is an invitation-only arena reserved for a distinct class of legislators who have proven to be performance-driven, excellence-inspired, and public-spirited. The initiative is designed to applaud and encourage...

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