LIFE This Week: Electricity bands, bullying, fuel queues…issues as NASS resumes

David OputahApril 30, 20248 min

After a twice-extended break from plenary, the National Assembly (NASS) resumes core parliamentary business today. In this Legislative Intelligence Forecast Entry (LIFE), OrderPaper highlights pressing national issues that are predicted to make it before the hallowed chambers of the Senate and House of Representatives during the week.

The return to plenary parliamentary duties heralds a period of intense deliberation and decision-making with lawmakers at the forefront, braced and ready to tackle a diverse array of challenges facing the nation.

As the National Assembly resumes from its recess, all eyes turn to lawmakers with the expectation that issues dominating conversation in the nation will be addressed.

Among the key topics expected to take centre stage are Senator Ningi’s Suspension, Electricity Tariff Increase, Incidents of Bullying in Schools, Proposed consultation Bill by Speaker Abbas, Return of Fuel Queues and moves on Constitution Amendment.

OrderPaper, in this LIFE Service, explains why these issues are likely to be debated.

Ningi's suspension makes it to LIFE this week

Senator Ningi’s Suspension

Foremost among the issues set to dominate discussions is the suspension of Senator Abdul Ahmed Ningi (PDP, Bauchi Central), an issue which continues to reverberate within and outside the hallowed halls of the National Assembly. As talk about his imminent recall swirl around, the circumstances surrounding his suspension and the implications for parliamentary decorum are likely to spark heated discussions among lawmakers.

On March 12, 2024, the Senate suspended Ningi for three months due to his allegations that the 2024 budget was padded by N3.7 trillion. Ningi, during an interview with BBC Hausa, claimed that although the National Assembly had approved a N25 trillion budget for the 2024 fiscal year, the President was implementing a N28.7 trillion budget.

However, Ningi has given an ultimatum to the President of the Senate, Godswill Akpabio, demanding that he lift the suspension placed on him. This was disclosed in a letter dated 27th March 2024, through Ningi’s lawyer, Femi Falana (SAN), who warned that if the suspension was not lifted in the next seven days he would drag the Senate before the Federal High Court. Responding, Akpabio clarified that the suspension of Senator Ningi from the Red Chamber was not his decision alone but that of the Senate.

In our LIFE this week, OrderPaper predicts that this suspension is likely to be revisited in the coming days.

electricity tariff hike on LIFE this week

Electricity Tariff Increase

Another critical concern demanding urgent attention is the recent hike in electricity tariffs, a decision that has elicited widespread public outcry and ignited debates over the affordability and accessibility of essential utilities.

OrderPaper recalls that the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) recently ordered the immediate upward review of electricity tariffs with effect from Wednesday, 3 April 2024. The NERC Executive Vice Chairman, Musiliu Oseni, disclosed this while speaking at a press conference in Abuja saying that only electricity customers in ‘Band A’ would be affected by the increase.

With the economic ramifications of the increase, LIFE this week projects that lawmakers are expected to deliberate on measures to address the concerns of the public while ensuring the viability of the power sector.

Bullying in schools on LIFE this week

Incidents of Bullying in Schools

The alarming rise in incidents of bullying within educational institutions has raised serious concerns about the safety and well-being of students. From primary school, cultists threaten and force their colleagues to join their nefarious groups against their will. This is more pronounced at the secondary and tertiary tiers.

Recently, a deluge of videos surfaced online involving female pupils of a school in Abuja who were slapping a classmate repeatedly. In 2021, there was an alleged case of bullying at a popular private college in Lagos. The victim, who later died, was allegedly beaten by senior students till he was injured. The year before that, a story broke of Don Davis, a young boy of 11 years and a Junior Secondary School student at Deeper Life High School, Uyo alleging that the young lad was physically and sexually molested by his seniors, and starved by the school authority for bedwetting. Pupils often allege that when matters like this are reported to the school authorities or police, it is treated with levity.

Our LIFE serivce predictst that the National Assembly is likely to delve into this matter, exploring legislative avenues to combat bullying and foster safe learning environments conducive to academic excellence and personal development.

Speeaker Abbas proposed bill on LIFE this week

Proposed Power Hike Consultation Bill by Speaker Abbas

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rep. Abbas Tajudeen, has announced plans by him to propose a law that would make it mandatory for the relevant Federal Government bodies to consult the National Assembly and other stakeholders before fixing electricity tariff.

“Accordingly, I will sponsor a bill to provide administrative procedures that entrench proper consultation and legislative review of the process for tariff setting in Nigeria’s electricity and other public services,” he said while declaring open a power sector stakeholders interactive dialogue/workshop organised by the House Committee on Power. The intervention by the Speaker is coming at a time when Nigerians are criticising the recent electricity tariff increment.

This legislative proposal seeks to enhance transparency and accountability in the pricing mechanisms of essential goods and services, garnering significant attention from both sides of the political aisle.

Return of fuel queues on LIFE this week

Return of Fuel Queues

The resurgence of fuel queues at filling stations across the country has once again highlighted the perennial challenges facing the nation’s petroleum sector and underscores the pressing need for comprehensive reforms within the sector.

Spokesman of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation LTD (NNPCL), Olufemi Soneye, had in a statement emphasised that the prices of petroleum products were not changing, while also clarifying that the tightness in supply currently being experienced in some parts of the country, is as a result of logistics issues that have been resolved.

However, as of Monday morning, the number of vehicle queues at filling stations in parts of Lagos State had increased with prices as high as ₦700 per litre. The same situation is being reported in Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Kano, Benue, Sokoto, and other parts of the country, as motorists grapple with the skyrocketing fuel prices.

Lawmakers are most likely to address this multifaceted challenge head-on, exploring legislative interventions to enhance the efficiency and stability of the fuel supply chain while safeguarding the interests of consumers as they delve into the root causes of fuel scarcity and devise pragmatic solutions to avert future crises.

constitutional review on LIFE this week
How to amend Nigeria’s constitution

Constitution Amendment

The ongoing discourse surrounding constitutional amendments continues to gather momentum, with stakeholders advocating for reforms aimed at strengthening democratic institutions and promoting inclusive governance.

With calls for greater devolution of powers, electoral reforms, state policing, and institutional strengthening, lawmakers are poised to undertake the arduous task of amending the nation’s foundational document aimed at charting a path forward for constitutional reforms that resonate with the aspirations of the Nigerian people.


As legislators address these critical national issues contained in LIFE this week, the nation eagerly awaits the outcomes of their deliberations. Stay tuned to OrderPaper across our channels on the web and social media pages for comprehensive coverage and analysis of developments from the legislative chambers.

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