House issues disclaimer regarding Speaker’s statements on PIA

Leah TwakiApril 4, 20242 min

The House of Reps has refuted statements allegedly made by the Speaker suggesting a lack of confidence in the PIA at the 2024 SPEOLEF in Abuja 

The House of Representatives has issued a comprehensive disclaimer and clarification in response to circulating statements attributed to the Speaker of the House, Rep. Tajudeen Abbas, regarding the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA).

Rep. Akin Rotimi, House Spokesman / Chairman, House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, made the disclaimer in a media release saying Rep. Cyril Hart purportedly made the statements in question at the 2024 Society of Petroleum Engineers Oloibiri Lecture Series and Energy Forum (SPEOLEF) in Abuja.

However, the House emphasized that Rep. Hart’s remarks were his personal opinions and not reflective of the official stance of the Speaker or the House as an institution adding that the House underscored the significance of the PIA in reforming Nigeria’s oil and gas sector, highlighting its potential to enhance transparency, accountability, and efficiency.

The House spokesman said “In light of recent discussions at the SPEOLEF regarding Nigeria’s oil and gas sector, as well as the implications of the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA), we acknowledge the concerns raised by some stakeholders. However, it is imperative to address and refute assertions suggesting a lack of confidence in the PIA.

“The Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) represents a milestone achievement in the reform of Nigeria’s oil and gas sector, aimed at enhancing transparency, accountability, and efficiency in the management of our nation’s valuable natural resources. It is the result of extensive deliberations, consultations, and collaboration among stakeholders across various sectors, including government, industry players, civil society organizations, and the public.

“Contrary to claims of widespread scepticism, the PIA has garnered significant support from reputable industry experts, international partners, and investors who recognize its potential to unlock opportunities for sustainable development and growth in Nigeria’s energy sector. The Act provides a framework for addressing long-standing challenges, such as regulatory inefficiencies, revenue management, and community engagement, thereby fostering a conducive environment for investment and innovation.

“While it is acknowledged that concerns may exist regarding certain provisions or implementation mechanisms of the PIA, it is essential to approach these issues through constructive dialogue and engagement, rather than resorting to blanket assertions,”  he added.

The House urges media outlets and the public to exercise caution in attributing statements and encourages constructive dialogue on the PIA’s provisions and implementation mechanisms.

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