Power outage disrupts plenary session at House of Reps

Oluremi AgbejuleMarch 19, 20241 min

Our reporter observed that power was out for between 20 seconds to a minute at each of the disruption.

10th House

The House of Representatives plenary session was characterized by occasional power interruption during Tuesday’s plenary session.

It became a call for concern that as serious legislative engagements were ongoing, lawmakers had to pause due to the power outage which happened 10 times.

Our reporter observed that power was out between 20 seconds to a minute at each of the disruption while lawmakers had to use flashlights to see.

OrderPaper recalls that Nigeria is facing power failure issues with epileptic power supply being recorded nationwide for the past few weeks.

The lawmakers urged that the power crisis be fixed to prevent future reoccurrence in the House and in Nigeria generally.

Oluremi Agbejule

Oluremi is a program assistant at OrderPaper, broadcaster, writer and Alumni of Nigeria media innovation program NAMIP.

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