LIFE proven accurate as NASS tackle predictions by OrderPaper

David OputahMarch 12, 20246 min

This article shows how the LIFE predictions proved their mettle by accurately predicting key discussions and decisions during the past week’s session.

In a remarkable turn of events, the predictions made by OrderPaper in its Legislative Intelligence Forecast Entry (LIFE) last week have proven to be spot on as the National Assembly convened to address the critical issues affecting the nation.

From epileptic power issues to hunger in the land – as witnessed by attacks on food trucks and storage facilities to the investigation of Ways and Means approved by the 9th Senate to the need for a national healthcare upgrade following Mr Ibu’s death and the Binance drama where the top officers were arrested, here’s a closer look at how the LIFE predictions aligned with the realities at the National Assembly.

Epileptic power supply

The chronic issue of epileptic power supply, which has long plagued the nation, has not only hindered economic growth but has also significantly disrupted daily life for millions of Nigerians.

The issue was an item of discussion on the floor of the Senate in line with the prediction as the Senate at plenary on Thursday mandated its Committee on Power to undertake a holistic investigation and take action to resolve the delay in the distribution of 100 megawatts of electricity to communities in Delta North Senatorial District.

This is as it urged the Federal Ministry of Power and Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) to step down the electricity generated as agreed by the Okpai Independent Power Plant to ensure it benefits the communities in Delta North.

These resolutions were a sequel to the adoption of a motion on the need to address the unexplained delay in the Electricity step-down of Okpai Independent Power Plant sponsored by Senator Ned Nwoko (PDP, Delta North) with an emphasis on sustainable solutions to ensure stable electricity for all citizens.

Food challenges

Recent attacks on food trucks and storage facilities, leading to widespread hunger concerns, were also brought to the forefront at a sectoral debate organized by the House of Representatives to address Nigerians on key national issues regarding food insecurity and food availability saying farmers’ inability to get cash had a robust impact on production.

The Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Abubakar Kyari, disclosed that the naira redesign of late 2022 and early 2023 had a significant impact on local rural farmers’ access to cash to use for cultivation which has played a major role in food shortages currently being experienced in the country.

On his part, the Comptroller of the Nigerian Custom Service, Bashir Adeniyi, stated that many Nigerians do not have sufficient food for consumption and access to food but that Customs was engaging in a lot of activities in responding to food emergencies adding that it is within the framework of the service to tackle food insecurity.

Lawmakers emphasized the need for collaborative efforts to guarantee the uninterrupted flow of food supplies across the nation.

Also, Rep Kingsley Chinda (PDP, Rivers) and 37 other lawmakers, sponsored a motion saying the recent economic challenges in Nigeria have subjected workers to untold hardship as many employed Nigerians cannot afford the basic necessities of life due to inflation and a high rise in the cost of living.

The motion noted that the high cost of goods and services due to inflation has greatly affected the average Nigerian’s ability to afford essential needs and called for a living wage for workers.

Ways and Means investigation commences:

In line with OrderPaper’s forecast, the Senate officially launched an investigation into Ways and Means, approving the inquiry to scrutinize financial matters and ensure transparency. Lawmakers vowed to uphold accountability and integrity in the financial processes of the government, reflecting a commitment to responsible governance.

This was as it inaugurated an ad hoc committee to conduct a thorough investigation into the 30trn Ways and Means, in response to mounting concerns over the purported spending by the previous administration.

The Ad hoc Committee is chaired by Senator Isah Jibrin, (APC, Kogi East) and vice-chaired by Senator Sahabi Ya’u (PDP, Zamfara North) and has been tasked with unravelling the mysteries surrounding the alleged spending.

The committee is also expected to ensure accountability in the use of public funds as well as restore public trust in governance through their findings and recommendations.

Binance drama addressed:

The recent drama involving top officers at Binance was not overlooked by the National Assembly as the Financial Crimes Committee of the House of Representatives called for the immediate arrest of top executives of the firm following their failure to appear for the public hearing organised by the panel.

The directive was given following the non-appearance of the company which has been accused of a series of allegations including terrorism financing, money laundering, tax invasion and other crimes at the Committee’s public hearing.

Chairman of the Committee, Rep. Obinna Ginger (LP, Abia) lamented the non-appearance of the Chief Executive of Binance Holding Limited, Mr Richard Teng, after many invitations were extended to him as he had been invited via a letter dated 12th December 2023.

However, the company failed to show up and sent legal representatives to the hearing which got the Committee infuriated as they insisted on having an interface with the executives of Binance Holding Limited.

OrderPaper is satisfied with the accuracy of its legislative intelligence forecast and commends the National Assembly for its swift response to the pressing issues facing the nation.

David Oputah

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