10th NASS: Akpabio assures Traditional Institution of constitutional recognition

Ojochenemi Onje-JamesJuly 24, 20232 min

The 1976 Local Government Reforms Decree stripped traditional rulers of their powers and gave same to the Local Government Councils.




In a promising development, the Senate Leadership has affirmed the need for traditional rulers to play constitutional roles in governance.

This is as it stressed the importance of their roles, especially in security matters.

Senate President, Godswill Akpabio, noted this on Monday, during a meeting with Royal Fathers representing the 36 States of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory.


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Acknowledging his own familial ties to traditional leadership, Akpabio highlighted the historical significance of traditional rulers in tackling safety and security issues within their domains. He posited that involving traditional rulers in governance would be crucial in overcoming the numerous security challenges plaguing the nation, adding that their wealth of information could prove invaluable in addressing grassroots concerns.

While stating that the Senate recognises the need for traditional leaders to be constitutionally engaged in governance at the grassroots level, he assured that their request for constitutional recognition in governance was not taken lightly and expressed confidence that their efforts would yield positive results.


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Speaking on behalf of the monarchs, Dr. Yahaya Abubakar, the Etsu of Nupe, and representative of the Chairman of the National Traditional Council of Nigeria (NTCN), the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, lamented the removal of traditional rulers’ constitutional role during the framing of the 1979 Constitution.

He revealed the persistent efforts made by the council to reinstate their role, which, so far, had not borne fruit.

“Even during the 9th National Assembly, our attempts failed to secure the required votes in the Senate, despite achieving some success in the House of Representatives,” he lamented.

The meeting between the Senate Leadership and the royal fathers marks a significant step toward recognizing the invaluable contributions of traditional leaders in governance and security matters.

With the assurance from the Senate President, hopes are high that the constitutional amendment will pave the way for the long-overdue constitutional recognition, which could be vital in bringing lasting peace and progress.




Ojochenemi Onje-James

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