From the ED's Desk

Time, they say, flies when you are having fun. And so it is that a fun-filled year for us at OrderPaper is now winding down. Don’t get it twisted – I am not talking about fun in the sense of care-free merry-making (although the team threw work mood out the window and turned the office into a children’s party scene on the last day of work for the year!). I mean fun in the sense that the team feels the unmistakable tinge of satisfaction and joy which comes with the
accomplishment of set goals and targets. We are proud to say that OrderPaper is a public trust. The mandate we bear and the work we do are solely to advance the public interest – from public awareness and citizen engagement, policy advocacy and reforms, and legislative strengthening and accountability, we breathe, eat and sleep all things parliament! And, as you would find in this annual report, 2023 has been a loaded year for us. However, we regard the moments, memories and milestones we are proud to boast of in 2023 as inspiration and stepping stones to greater achievements in the coming year. We are most grateful to the Almighty God, the Creator and Giver of Life, who has made all things possible. We thank our partners, stakeholders and critics who have powered us on with funding, technical support, and constructive advisories throughout the year. We also thank users of our products and services, and indeed, our admirers and everyone who has contributed to the success stories compiled in this document. May I most respectfully invite you to join us as we set out to break new grounds in 2024.

Sincerely yours,
Oke Epia
Founder/Executive Director
OrderPaper Nigeria
December 29, 2023