By Mr. Segun Olulade

Dated back to ancient time, the roles of traditional rulers were symbolic in community development. The new OOni of Ife Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi just took us down the memory lane.

A young vibrant royal father that he is, he set off on the ground of attaining peace amongst the royal class of Yorubaland, creating development agenda for the citizenry.

In Yorubaland, leadership qualities was never a contention, agreeing has been a quagmire; and looking at the message but not the messenger, the move by the controversial Governor of Ekiti State Ayodele Fayose on the need to agree on arrowhead leader for the Yoruba race is not completely out of place.

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Yes, we are blessed with wisdom, and at every point in time, we have always been blessed with leaders that are as competent as regional leaders as much as they are fit as national leaders.

Shortly after the coronation, the OOni of Ife, humble in elegance and royal majesty, left his palace on a visit to Oba Sikiru Adetona, the Awujale of Ijebuland, ending 75 years rivalry between the two royal thrones.

He made similar surprise visit to the paramount ruler of Oyo Land, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi Alaafin, putting a close to 79 years supremacy battle between Ooni and Alaafin.

As a result, he acted the talk he uttered at his inauguration which called for unity amongst the Yoruba Monarchs. By this, we can quietly testify that leadership is not by age.

The 40 years old accountant who is deeply loved by his people recently set out empowerment projects for the natives by commissioning free health scheme in partnership with a leading Bank and launching inter-state mass transportation scheme worth N56 million naira.

First and foremost, the Ooni believes in indigenous values. More than 300 indigenous youth work at Inagbe Cocowood Factory owned by the Monarch even while he was a youth-Prince. The company is an essential homes furniture brand using 100% indigenous raw materials for production, first of its kind in the country. The Ooni is on the verge of creating a whooping N7.6 billion naira resort in Ile-Ife. This is best example for leading.

The Yoruba race has always been a leading and deciding factor in the political space of our nation. From struggle for freedom in the pre-independence era to post independence era up till this present republic, like the round peg, the Yoruba race has always been the desired one for the round hole, completing all political equations that may surface on the national political table.

In the Yoruba lexicon, the warrior does not queue behind. He leads by fighting fiercely to justify the warlord title. If you can’t lead in the front line, you can’t be accorded with heroic honour. So what do we do next?

The debate for having arrowhead figure that leads cause for Yoruba race has stretched too long over time even though the nature has always played its roles. Leaders emerge not by struggling for positions of recognition, their achievements speak.

No doubt, by default, a leader in this respect must command followership and influence across board. God choses leader for the people; He thrust responsibilities on them that will naturally distinguish their role and honour which set them apart as leaders.

At this moment, one man is given as a blessing to Yoruba race who has passed the test of time; he emerged from a process that breeds leadership; he rose to become the warlord that can stand and speak for the Yoruba race and will be respected by the entire world; he made us proud in the affairs of this country; he is reckoned with as voice for the Yoruba people.

The black race has produced great political leaders. For emancipation and struggle for regional development in Africa, we cannot forget people like  Obafemi Awolowo, Dr Nnamdi Azikwe, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa , Jomo Kenyatta, Thomas Sankara, Julius Nyerere, Patrice Lumumba, Haile Selassie, Kwame Nkruma, Nelson Mandela, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and the rest too numerous to mention.

In today’s political leadership, requiring contemporary records of achievements similar to what distinguished the African leaders mentioned here in their time, one man has lived up to expectation, deserving accolade and recognition of leadership of the time.

Every time I think about the political battle that led to the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari as the ideal President Nigeria needs at this critical time, and the defeat of the largest party in Africa to pave way for a change, I cannot but ask what more qualifies a person as hero and influential leader talking about architect of such immeasurable achievement of all time.

What does Yorubarace want to do with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu?

Strong, dogged, kind, generous, forgiving, wise, bold and immeasurably gifted in the art of politics and leadership, no living person in the present South West has acquired such distinguished leadership status as Bola Tinubu.

A late multi-talented Yoruba comedian, singer and Ewi exponent once said if he was born in America, he would have become a legend and globally celebrated hero for his literary achievements. In same vein, many black Americans became legend of all time who never achieved half of heroic feat of Bola Tinubu. Asiwaju’s accomplishments can be likened to the success of an icon that attained legendary by fighting for the liberation of his people; the 2015 transformation of Nigeria from sinking ship to a hopeful and united nation courtesy Bola Tinubu is a remarkable achievement that will not happen any time soon again in the nation’s history.

It is cynical to read the on-going strategic make-shift plans by some political gladiators to foresee 2019 political scrimmages minus Bola Tinubu. The truth is Bola Tinubu never cares about what becomes of political future in a scheming disposition; rather, he scales-up his passion for service, humanitarian gestures, commitment to ensuring the common people are able to attain their rights and live a befitting life. This is leadership!

For those scheming for power alone, they will often meet the Jagaban ahead. Many plots have been hatched against ‘The chosen One’ but the plots and the plotters failed, often retired into the political oblivion never to return again. Not worrisome that even those who were politically made from the South West by Asiwaju are part of the harbingers of such heinous plots. In political history, this kind of plot is not unusual.

The future will take care of itself; our nation shall continue to rise to glory, and the designated will continue to record landmark achievements without undue labour for recognition and power. He, who God has made, no man can curse!

For Bola Ahmed Tinubu whose achievements were lauded by the Alayeluwa the Ooni of Ife Oba Enitan Oyewusi, the voice of God is the voice of man. Let Yoruba race takes glory in the legendary Asiwaju Tinubu. For now, the Yoruba race has no problem of leadership, and I believe, the making of Bola Tinubu as distinguished and iconic Yoruba leader is no longer a debate, he is one already!

Olulade is a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, representing Epe Constituency II



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