OrderPaperToday- The All Progressives Congress (APC) has described Governor Nyesom Wike as the “chief insecurity officer” of Rivers State, and what they termed as ‘a piece of hypocritical, staged and worthless message because it has no connection and resemblance with the persona of the messenger”, following the Governor’s a radio broadcast about the March 19 rerun elections on Wednesday.
In a statement signed by the APC Rivers State Publicity Secretary Chris Finebone, the party’s initial instinct after the broadcast was to “congratulate him for taking his first lesson in statecraft and governance. However, a critical examination of the message and the messenger indicated that such hurried accolade would have been a mortal error, undeserved and totally misplaced. And the reasons are many.”
The statement continues: “The sudden realisation by the Governor that he is the Chief Security Officer of Rivers State belies the doctrine of killing on which his politics is anchored upon. Evidence of this is glaring in Nyesom Wike’s actions and utterances, for example, his repeated threats that have driven his supporters to kill and maim innocent people and residents of Rivers State. His recent threat against INEC, the Army and everyone else is indeed not what is expected of a Chief Security Officer of Rivers State, nay any state for that matter.”

According to the party, it “believes that if any politician deserves the warning the Governor handed down in his broadcast on incitement and political violence, it is indeed Gov. Nyesom Wike who a day earlier had ordered his supporters to beat the Honourable Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi, to death on March 19. It is Nyesom Wike who promised INEC officials instant death on several occasions who deserves to be reminded that we are in the 21st Century in Rivers State.

“The APC is therefore calling on Gov. Nyesom Wike to also tell Rivers people whether he has eventually realised that killings and other forms of electoral violence are sins against God and unacceptable among men. If that is the reason for the broadcast, then the APC calls on Gov. Nyesom Wike to first tender an unreserved apology to Rivers people and seek forgiveness from God Almighty before it is too late for him.”

The statement further stated: “Until the Governor does the needful, the APC will continue to see the broadcast as the height of hypocrisy, treachery and facade meant to hoodwink innocent Rivers people and other stakeholders in the March 19 re-run elections in the State while he undertakes his vote rigging and killings which are his the stock-in-trade.

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“Declaring Thursday and Friday public holidays smacks of either total ignorance of the cost of loss of man-hours on the State economy or done with bad intentions just to satisfy the myopic, whimsical and capricious political desires of the governor. While two days of no work on the part of the civil and public servants will result to enough losses, subjecting banks and other private sector organisations to remain closed for two days will put the already ailing economy of the State under further avoidable stress. Unfortunately, Gov. Nyesom Ezenwo Wike does not get it.”




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