My dear colleagues, I welcome you all from the first Annual Overseas Lecture and Vacation of the 6th Assembly which took place at the Georgia Tech Students Centre, Atlanta Georgia. I want to appreciate all of us who participated in the lecture and I know that we will apply the richness of the training and tour towards the execution of a just, fair and equitable legislative agenda in the pursuance of good governance and development during the remaining period of the first year of the 6th Assembly.

On behalf of this Assembly, I also wish to thank His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa the Executive Governor of Delta State who in the face of the tight situation in the country deemed it necessary that we should go for this training in in view of enhancing our productive capacity. As a legislator which he is, he knows that a solid and productive legislative arm of government is at the centre of true democratic governance.

While in the training we got the cheering news of his tribunal victory. On behalf of members of the 6th Assembly and all other past Assemblies congratulate this magnificent legislative Governor.

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In this same vein, I congratulate members of this hallow chambers on our tribunal victories and I pray also that the way we emerged victorious in this first judgment, victory will replicate itself in the second final judgment as the case may be, in Jesus name.

With the major tribunal issues out of the way, I adjure all of us to be more dedicated in carrying out the duties our constituents have empowered us to perform. In the next few days, before the Christmas Holiday, our decisions and deliberations can define the direction of the state.

Therefore, we need to set our hearts on a greater purpose than our personal interests which is to lift the state to a higher estate. We must offer hope to our people in spite of the gloomy situation, we must have faith that with the help of God the Prosperity Agenda will be accomplished and we will work hard towards its actualization because according to the scriptures faith without work is dead.

It is public knowledge that times are hard and the forecast is bleak but if there is anyone who can dig us as a people, out of this present predicament, it is this 6th Assembly – blessed with giants possessing great experience, extraordinary skills and insurmountable courage working in consonance with Governor Ifeanyi Okowa

I sincerely believe in the firm will, nurtured wisdom, intellectual ability and unflinching faith of His Excellency, the Governor to work with this House to bring about the prosperity and stability we hope for. With God’s help, we will surely overcome.

Welcome back once again and may God bless us all.

Address by Rt. Hon Ovwigho Igbuya, Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, to kick-start legislative business on return of members from a foreign training.

Asaba, Delta State Nov. 10, 2015



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