PERSPECTIVE: Artisanal mining as empowerment for youths

 Artisanal mining of crude oil in the Niger Delta Region verges on criminality. But given the scale of the activity, should the government consider making it a possible avenue for empowerment of the youths? Energy plays an important role in the economy of any nation of the world. It directly and indirectly affects the standard of living of its citizens, the security, transport, growth and development of its society. The world is still largely run...

BIG STORY: Nigerian youth in limbo as job racketeering probe stalls

Concerns mount over the increasing sufferings of the Nigerian youth as the House of Representatives committee probing job racketeering overshoots the deadline to submit its report A loud silence is what has followed the sensational disclosures from the public hearings of the House of Representatives Committee set up to investigate allegations of job racketeering. Jobs meant for the millions of Nigerian youth and other qualified segments of the population have been diverted by politicians and...

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