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Social media censorship threatens Freedom of Expression 

There has been several backlash from Nigerians against the calls to regulate social media. Social media censorship has become a recurring trend in today’s globalised world, given the fact that some online platforms have become serious tools for the perpetration of multiple forms of vices, however, it is impossible to outline the importance of access to information on the Internet and social media, as it also provides young people with a range of benefits and...

Bill of the Week: Resurrection of the ‘social media bill’

Attempts to regulate free speech online were stoutly resisted in the previous assembly but an executive bill in the House of Representatives surreptitiously reintroduces the ‘social media bill’   You might be wondering “Social media regulation, again? I thought we were past that?”  Well, Nigeria is revisiting the controversial topic of social media regulation, as the National Assembly has received the ‘National Broadcasting Commission (Repeal and Enactment) Bill, 2023’ from the  National Broadcasting Commission (NBC),...

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