renewable energy

PERSPECTIVE: Safeguarding communites in the energy transition

In a global attempt to phase out fossil fuel, can Nigeria leverage its mineral resources to become a leading advocate for renewable energy, while upholding good climate practice and peace amongst the host communities? On the back of the COP28 Agreement for the world to shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy, it has become necessary to spotlight the mineral resources available in Nigeria that could move the country comfortably from the shackles of fossils...

Nigeria scores impressively high in EITI assessment

Nigeria’s highly successful scaling of the EITI global assessment is a true testament to NEITI’s hard work Nigeria has successfully scaled through the final global assessment of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). With high scores reaching 90 on data integrity, comprehensiveness of report, outcomes and impacts, contribution to economic growth and adherence to legal frameworks, Nigeria made an overall score of 72, according to a statement released by the Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative...

COP28: Why Africa Must Accelerate Transition from Fossil Fuel to Renewable Energy

In this opinion piece, Rep. Sam Onuigbo, sponsor of Nigeria’s Climate Change Act, says a major agenda for COP28 should be the search for unselfish leadership and a collective resolve to accelerate the transition from fossils to renewable energy   It is on record that 151 countries have pledged to attain net zero emissions. Yet, The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Emissions Gap Report 2023, which was released earlier this month, shows that countries all...

Why FG must finance energy transition — Hon. Onuigbo

Onuigbo said the shift from traditional energy sources to renewables is essential for sustainable development. A former member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Samuel Onuigbo, has urged the federal government to commit to financing energy transition in Nigeria, as this will ensure sustainable progress in the present climate context. This is as he also called on investors to seize the opportunity presented by Nigeria’s vast potential for renewable energy. Onuigbo said this while delivering...

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