Welsh parliament moves to ban lying in politics

‘Making it illegal for politicians to lie is the best way to rebuild public confidence in the political system’ A historic move to introduce a law that would forbid and make lying in politics illegal has been pledged by the Welsh government. If the bill is passed, lawmakers and candidates running for elections who are found guilty of purposeful deception will be disqualified to serve in the parliament. Member of the parliament for Carmarthen East...

Reps partner OrderPaper in implementation of parliamentary programme

In a significant affirmation of its status as Nigeria’s preeminent policy think tank that bridges the gap between citizens and parliament, OrderPaper has been listed as a key partner in the implementation of the Parliamentary Development Programme (PDP) of the 10th House of Representatives for the period 2023-2027 The 10th House of Representatives recently unveiled its four-year development plan, titled Parliamentary Development Programme (PDP) for the 10th House of Representatives, National Assembly, 2023-2027. This event...

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