IDE: Bills and motions addressing educational challenges in Nigeria

In this piece, OrderPaper highlights some bills and motions in the 10th House of Representatives that aim to address educational challenges facing the country. Education in Nigeria is challenged by a wide range of issues including the high cost of education, inadequate funding, poor educational infrastructure, inadequate classrooms, classroom equipment (computers, projectors, laboratories, and libraries), lack of qualified teachers, and a poor or polluted learning environment, amongst others. Seeking to address the challenges facing the...

SPOTTED: 10 motions in 6 months of the 10th House

10 motions of the 500 so far taken in half a year of the 10th House of Representatives offer a glimpse into how citizen-centric the green chamber is. It also speaks of the resolve of the chamber to see matters to reasonable conclusion It is about six months since the 10th House of Representatives was inaugurated on the 13th of June 2023. As legislators took time to settle in and went about their duties, Nigerians...

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