Minimum wage

Minimum Wage Bill: NASS is not proposing seizure of states, LG funds – Adaramodu

Adaramodu claims that it would be incorrect to presume that the Senate would take a position on a bill that hasn’t been brought before it for consideration. The Senate’s spokesman, Senator Yemi Adaramodu (APC, Ekiti South), has refuted media reports that the Senate is considering including a clause allowing for the seizure of funds from local and state councils in the New Minimum Wage Bill that the Executive is proposing. Adaramodu disclosed this in a...

Senate shuns shutdown of National grid, assures support for new minimum wage bill 

While Nigerians groan over labour unionists’ shutdown of the national grid, the Senate focused on several issues that need to be resolved in the proposed new minimum wage. The nation has been in total blackout for over 24 hours amidst the ongoing labour strikes. Given the cost of alternative sources of energy, businesses and citizens have called for an end to the hardships caused by the persisting power outage. However, while it was expected that...

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