In accelerated approval, Senate extends 2023 budget by 3 months

The senate extended implementation of the 2023 budget till March 31st 2024, to allow MDAs to utilise capital releases which would otherwise be returned to treasury The Senate has granted an accelerated passsage to an amendment of the 2023 budget and the supplementray money bill passed last November. The rationale is to extend the implementation of the 2023 budget till March 31, 2024 so that Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) of the Federal Government some...

EXPLAINER: The Budget: What it means and why it is important

The annual budget determines how our lives as citizens are impacted by the government, which, acting on our behalf, allocates resources from our commonwealth to provide services for our benefit Do you know that the budget is a law? And like all laws passed by the legislature, it follows the same stages that a bill travels to become law. Since it is one of the most critical laws enacted annually in the country, is it...

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