The GIFT Project, 2024 Budget and Strategies for Improved Public Finance Management

As 2024 commences, the financial tension in the air is palpable. From the lingering effects of fuel subsidy removal, steady rise in inflation and prices of essential commodities, unabating corrupt practices, and poor public finance management, a lot is hinged on the successful implementation of the 2024 budget. To achieve this, the GIFT Project advocates effective citizen engagement, pragmatic parliamentary oversight, and urgent fiscal reforms to stir things in the right direction. The ceremonies leading...

Reps tackle varsity commission for non-remittance of revenues

The varsity commission failed to convince the parliamentary committee that license fees and other revenues it generated were used for the purpose of visitation to private institutions The House of Representatives Committee on Finance has taken a swipe at the National Universities Commission (NUC) for under-reporting and failing to fully remit its Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) despite being fully funded by the federal government. The lawmakers also tackled the Commission over its failure to reflect...

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