Senate to probe delay in distribution of 100mw of Electricity in Delta

According to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources, access to electricity in Nigeria was reported to be at 59.5 % in 2021. In recent years, the power sector in Nigeria has been faced with several challenges related to electricity policy enforcement, transmission system constraints, and major power sector planning shortfalls. This has majorly been a result of the country’s poor transmission network and incessant collapse of the national grid...

“Halt all plans to increase electricity tariff” – Senate to FG

The Senate called on the federal government to concentrate on the production and distribution of electricity rather than raising electricity rates. The Senate has demanded that the federal government halt any plans to raise electricity rates in the nation, arguing that the government’s attempt to raise rates and remove subsidies comes at an inappropriate time. To prevent a repeat of the fuel subsidy scandal, it also decided to investigate the N2 trillion electricity tariff requested...

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