Navigating Educational Challenges: A Call for Alternatives to Tuition Hikes

Hikes to tuition and other fees by tertiary institutions in Nigeria make it difficult for indigent students to get the education they deserve. In the face of economic hardships gripping Nigeria, tertiary institutions across the country have been making headlines for their recent decisions to increase tuition fees. This move has sparked concerns among students, parents, and advocacy groups, who argue that such fee hikes exacerbate the financial burden on families already grappling with the...

Nigeria’s Education Funding: A Step Forward, But UNESCO Benchmarks Still Elusive

The Nigerian government’s allocation to Education is a far cry from the benchmark recommended by UNESCO. This affects education in the country in many ways. In a bid to prioritize education and invest in the intellectual capital of its citizens, the Nigerian government has shown a commendable increase in education spending from 2018 to 2024. Although substantial, it falls short of the recommended benchmark set by UNESCO as the nation has yet to meet the...

Reps to probe N10bn fund for out-of-school children 

The legislators believe the N10billion for out-of-school children was mismanaged and resolved to investigate what went wrong The House of Representatives has resolved to investigate how the sum of N10 billion was disbursed to take out-of-school children off the streets under the President Muhammadu Buhari administration. This decision was sequel to a motion on the “need to investigate funds disbursed for the alternative school programme, better education service delivery for all, at risk children programme...

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