Climate Change: A ‘Perpetual Pandemic’ in Disguise

This oped by Olaogun Michael Sunkanmi calls for concerted action to combat the onslaught of climate change in Nigeria Amidst unprecedented global challenges ranging from economic hardship to military takeover in some parts of Africa to the Russian-Ukraine and Israel-Gaza wars, the conversation continues on the “war” of nature against man—climate change. This is a result of the intended and unintended actions of man against the environment. Climate change has not only posed threats to...

COP28: Why Africa Must Accelerate Transition from Fossil Fuel to Renewable Energy

In this opinion piece, Rep. Sam Onuigbo, sponsor of Nigeria’s Climate Change Act, says a major agenda for COP28 should be the search for unselfish leadership and a collective resolve to accelerate the transition from fossils to renewable energy   It is on record that 151 countries have pledged to attain net zero emissions. Yet, The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Emissions Gap Report 2023, which was released earlier this month, shows that countries all...

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