BIG STORY: 10 Controversies in 1st year of 10th Senate

Just as the saying goes, “in a twinkle of an eye,” the 10th Senate has marked its 1 year in office but not without courting a series of eye-popping controversies and receiving knocks from Nigerians. The 10th Senate, inaugurated on June 13, 2023, started off with the election of presiding officers. Godswill Akpabio emerged as the president and Barau Jibrin got elected as deputy president. Shortly after this, principal officers were appointed, committees were set...

KARIMI: The emerging ‘humourist’ of the 10th Senate

The 10th Senate has not been without controversies, but Karimi seems to have made more headlines on negativity than positivity  Sunday Steve Karimi The 10th Senate since its inauguration in June, has witnessed extraordinary senators who have demonstrated that they are real advocates of their citizens but not without some who appear to be unsure of their legislative responsibilities. Over the past few months, the credibility of Senator Karimi Steve Sunday, who represents Kogi west...

RECORD: 10 controversies in 6 months of Akpabio as Senate President

From allegations and counter-allegations, Godswill Akpabio’s six-month tenure as Senate President has been headlined by controversies. OrderPaper highlights 10 of these awkward moments and events The 10th National Assembly was inaugurated on 13th June, 2023, making it just over six months since Sen. Godswill Akpabio emerged as President of the Senate. This period has however witnessed several scandals, allegations, and counter allegations that feature the Akwa Ibom senator at the centre.  A bumpy ride to Senate...

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