Boko haram

COVID-19: No succour in sight as IDPs wait in vain for promised palliatives

This investigation by Titilope Fadare and Majeed Bakare reveals that the outbreak of COVID-19 has brought drastic changes to the lives of peoples and nations across the world as they are forced to adapt, creating various forms of safety nets for the poor and vulnerable. This is because while many can try to navigate through current realities, the poor and vulnerable groups, especially those living with disabilities, or affected by natural disasters, armed conflicts, among...

COVID-19: How hunger, death and threat of community infections haunt IDPs

The fate of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) have been worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic and all the socio-economic restrictions that have come with it, as this investigation by Titilope Fadare reveals  “I left the camp since morning. We (children) went to pluck cashew nuts from the bush. We roast and eat it because there is no other food. I go every day.” Those were the words of Mary Nuhu, 14, living in an Internally Displaced...

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