Navigating Educational Challenges: A Call for Alternatives to Tuition Hikes

Hikes to tuition and other fees by tertiary institutions in Nigeria make it difficult for indigent students to get the education they deserve. In the face of economic hardships gripping Nigeria, tertiary institutions across the country have been making headlines for their recent decisions to increase tuition fees. This move has sparked concerns among students, parents, and advocacy groups, who argue that such fee hikes exacerbate the financial burden on families already grappling with the...

INTERVIEW: ASUU opposed to student loans for selfish reasons – Rep Ugbor

In the first part of this exclusive interview with OrderPaper, Rep. Terseer Ugbor, representing Kwande/Ushungo federal constituency of Benue State, gave insights on plans by the parliament to ensure a robust implementation of the law on student loans. In this concluding part of the interview, the lawmaker takes a swipe at the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) for advocating for grants instead of student loans. EXCERPTS: Q: ASUU has not hidden its opposition to...

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