OrderPaperToday–     The 8th National Assembly resumed Tuesday from its yuletide break and of all things to emerge from the red chambers is a shocking revelation- the embarrassing state of the chairs in the Senate Hearing Rooms.
The current Senate was sworn inaugurated seven months ago and have already spent billions on running costs, furniture and wardrobe allowances, etc but the condition of chairs in its hearing room is unbelievably wrecked beyond reason.
By the way, hearing rooms are maintained by the management of the National Assembly. Monies are allocated each year in the NASS budget for such duties and no one has inquired about why the seats have become extremely dilapidated?
Here is why perhaps. The Senate hearing rooms are meeting places for Committee briefings, public hearings and gatherings of such nature. At such occasions, the Senators find their suitable seats on the podium, touted as ‘high tables’. The sets of furniture at this ‘high tables’ are well-maintained and befitting. So for the members of the public and journalists that are invited to hearing rooms for meetings, their place is in the ‘other’ chairs, the ones that seemingly have not been replaced since whenever.
The pictures are of chairs in the Hearing Room 2 where Committees are supposed to meet with MDAs.

ORDERPAPER.NG wonders what moral justification the Senate has to oversight on MDAs when it has such humiliating chairs in its hearing rooms.



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