OrderPaperToday – As the purchase of exotic cars for the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, continues to generate negative commentaries across the country, Sen. Foster Ogola (PDP, Bayesla West) has defended the parliament saying purchase of vehicles is not a waste of public funds.
Speaking with the media in Abuja on Thursday, Ogola said that the vehicles are for oversight functions of the lawmakers, adding that contrary to the belief of most Nigerians, national assembly members were not drain pipes on the public treasury.
He said the National Assembly has contributed immensely to repositioning the economy and should not be criticized wantonly.

He said: “Go check the number of cars in ministers’ offices. Even Local Government chairmen have two, three cars; why are Nigerians only concerned about National Assembly members, I think it is wrong.

“As I speak to you, I have oversight function in three different states and some are as far as Sokoto and you expect me to use my own car that can crash on the road, it may not take me there.
“Directors-General of parastatals and permanent secretaries have official cars, why will it make a difference when senators or members of the House of Representatives have cars?



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