1. Benue state House of Assembly speaker refused to swear in a duly elected member that won his primary election but was replaced by some cabals that never meant well for my people. The rightful winner went to court and won his case from Federal High court to appeal. And was issued a certificate of return by INEC. Thus voided the hitherto issued to the wrong candidate. INEC officially wrote to the speaker of BSHA stating that Mr ire Matthew’s certificate has being nullified, thus Hon. Mike Adegwu Igbo should be sworn in as the member BSHA representing Oju 2 state constituency. Sadly, after receiving the letter, the speaker keep sealed lips till today and refuses to adhere to court ruling and INEC order all because the innocent man has no gods father’s and no money to buy his way.

    Pls I want good spirited citizens of this country to take up this case till the speaker complies.

  2. Nigerians deems advocation towards inducement of right to access societal objectives towards development in respect to the nations pride.


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