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The Senate has condemned in strong terms the inhuman treatment against Nigerians by foreign nationals, describing it as dastardly acts of man’s inhumanity to a fellow man.

This formed part of the resolutions reached by the Upper Chamber when it considered a motion on the ‘Urgent Need to Check the Alarming Trend of Inhuman Treatment and Torture of Nigerian Citizens by Foreign Nationals in the Country’ on Tuesday.

The motion was sponsored by Senator Biobarakuma Degi-Eremienyo, representing Bayelsa East Senatorial District in the National Assembly.

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In presenting the motion, Senator Degi-Eremienyo noted the series of brutality and inhuman treatments leading even to the death of Nigerian citizens in the hands of some foreign nationals; especially of Lebanese, Turkish and Chinese descent, doing business in parts of the country.

He expressed worries about the recent case of brutality in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja meted against one Anayo Friday Ndubuisi, a security personnel working with Cougars Security and Services Ltd and two others including a Chadian (a certain Amos), attached to Husseini Technical Company, Gudu District, a company in the business of servicing of caterpillars and heavy-duty machineries.

He recalled that on the 22nd of February, 2022, the two citizens of Nigeria and the Chadian were brutalised in a fashion so repugnant, on an allegation of theft of iron rods, which ultimately led to the death of the latter. The said torture was ordered and carried out by a Lebanese citizen working with Husseini Technical Company, in collusion with some of his Nigerian subordinates and a dog belonging to the Lebanese.

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He further noted with consternation that in a bid to elicit a confession from the victims with respect to the alleged stolen iron rods, the Lebanese ordered some of his Nigerian subordinates to gag the mouths of Anayo Friday Ndubuisi and the late Chadian with rags to stifle any noise from them, beat the victims mercilessly with iron rods, tied them to a car and drove them round their premises, gave them condemned oil and diesel to drink and poured same in their ears and eyes.

The Lebanese also set his dog upon the victims and the said dog attacked them by biting and scratching them and also licked the blood gushing from their mouths and private areas.

He further noted with utter dismay that the second Nigerian (a security personnel), on trying to defend and absolve Anayo Friday Ndubuisi from any allegation whatsoever, was shot with an arrow, leading to grievous bodily harm.

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The lawmaker further stated that in spite of the injuries inflicted upon the victims, the Lebanese further ordered that the victims be burnt alive, and upon objection by some of his Nigerian subordinates after a car tyre and petrol was brought, the Lebanese ordered that the victims be tied upside down to a tree and more bodily injuries inflicted upon them with iron rods. After several hours that stretched into the early morning, the rope was cut off with the victims landing on their heads; 

“All of these eventually led to the death of the Chadian, while Anayo who has been defecating blood, with a dead leg and one of his ears impaired, is currently receiving intensive medical care in Lagos on the sponsorship of Mr. Ahmed Isah, a Radio Presenter on Human Rights Radio which airs on Frequency Modulation (FM) 101.1, Abuja. This was after the victims were abandoned at the National Hospital by all the parties involved, including their respective employers,” he said. 

He disclosed that some suspects have been arrested and paraded by officers of the Nigeria Police Force in connection with this nauseating crime against humanity but without the Lebanese being equally apprehended or paraded.

He further disclosed that certain insinuations have been made by some police officers involved in the matter that since the late Chadian was an illegal migrant, little or nothing can be done about the case;

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Notes that the administration of criminal justice system provides protection for foreigners such as the late Chadian irrespective of his migration status; and 

“The despicable level of gross subjugation of Nigerians in their own country by some foreign nationals and this type of incident has become one too many and must be urgently checked to preserve sanctity and dignity of human life at all times in accordance with our bill of rights as enshrined in chapter 4 of our constitution and other International Conventions and Protocols, bearing in mind that even in the animal kingdom, there are salient rules for hunting game.

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Contributing to the motion, Senator Jibrin Isah (APC, Kogi East) noted that the issue should be treated as a case of murder while proposing that the Senate Committee on Police Affairs follow up on the case and report progress periodically.

The Senate, therefore, called on the Inspector-General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba to commence thorough investigation into these wicked acts of the said Lebanese, his dog, and similar infractions by other foreign nationals, prosecute those found culpable in accordance with our laws.

It also urged the Ministry of Labour and Productivity and related agencies to take adequate steps to address the labour-related issues in respect of this case and other similar ones to ensure that the rising trend of this nature of crime and criminality is curbed.



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