OrderPaperToday- Chairman of Transition Monitoring Group (TMG) Ibrahim M. Zikirullahi has said that to drive the present administration’s change- agenda, that the Senate President Bukola Saraki must “put the sanctity of the legislature above every other consideration, by stepping down immediately”.
The TMG boss said this at a Press Conference last week in a paper titled: ‘Anti Corruption War: A Necessary Hard Step Towards Economic Redemption.’
He said: “The leadership of the National Assembly is currently morally challenged. That integrity deficit has been accentuated by the recent Supreme Court judgment, which ordered the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki to go face criminal trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT). Whatever modicum of respect enjoyed by the Senate would be further obliterated by the time the number three citizen is mopping from the dock, and answering to charges of false asset declaration.
“TMG expects Dr. Saraki to put the sanctity of the legislature above every other consideration, by stepping down immediately. While we agree that his trial at the CCT does not automatically translate to guilt over the charges, we call on the Senate President to follow global best practice.” 
He said that “the judiciary is by no means the only arm that is expected to partner with the executive in the fight against corruption. Given the fact that the legislators are supposedly the representatives of the Nigerian people, the National Assembly should have naturally being at the vanguard of this renewed onslaught against corruption. To the disappointment of most Nigerians, the Senate especially has shown that old habits in the form of extravagant tastes, die hard.
“It is worrisome that at a time everyone is talking about how the Treasury Single Account (TSA) has brought transparency to government finance; the National Assembly is busy resisting it. It therefore means that as things stand, the Nigerian people do not have an idea of how many accounts the National Assembly that purports to represent them operates. A National Assembly that acts as if it is above the laws of the land, holds no good for the country.”


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