OrderPaperToday- Worried by the shocking discovery of 23,000 ghost workers in the Federal Civil Service across Nigeria, members of the House of Representatives are considering a proposal that will seek to replace the invisible workers with many willing unemployed youths.

Dickson Tarkighir, Member representing Makurdi/Guma Federal Constituency of Benue State presented this motion yesterday during Plenary.

“It is no doubt very disturbing, the discovery that while millions of eligible Nigerians are without jobs, some unscrupulous elements within the federal civil service have deliberately engaged in not just the falsifying of the staff strength of the service but have upped the numbers by several thousand wherein they sit and collect accruing salaries and allowances while applicants continue to roam the streets in several hundreds of thousands without jobs”.

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Leading the debate on the motion, Tarkighir said that if the 23,000 ghost workers are drawn from the 36 states of the federation besides Abuja, each state would stand to have 621 employment opportunities.

Many lawmakers lent weight to the motion, maintaining that since the system has demonstrated the financial capacity to withstand the pressure of catering for over 23,000 ghost workers, it would be patriotic to advise the executive arm of government to replace those workers with qualified applicants from all over the Nigeria.

Tarkighir further stated:“Do the maths per state, per federal constituency and you will have a grasp of what effect the decision of this house on this day shall have on the nation on the unemployed who voted us with the belief that we shall better their lots”.



  1. Gbam !!! Yes since they said they have flush 23000 ghost workers then replace them with unemployed. I just hope it not another propaganda from Apc o to divert attention & keep the innocent decieved masses busy o.

  2. God bless you Dickson Tarkighir! This is a right thinking representative in the National Assembly

  3. I support.Good decision.Evidence of war against curruption.When the President refuses to share money with the National Assembly Members,they act sensibly.

  4. Replacing or nt is thesame ppl in the house will bring there cousins nice,nd brother nd sister.the corruption is still there.

  5. APC has been cought pant down in their own lies. They will be forced to create 23000 jobs in the Federal Civil Service.

  6. 1st time i ve eva heard a reasonable n constructed suggestn 4rm our rep.i thnk change har realy creeped in.#tomup!

  7. Its only in this shameless nigeria that u hear people collecting money on behave of the ghost, claiming that they are alive. Even someone who died 30years ago, some oga in office will still use the dead names to collect salary. Nigeria is full of people who dont have the fear of God in their hart.

    This is the truth about how Redeemed Church did atrocities to us to gain the Vice President seat and Lagos State Governor seat.

    Assistant Comptroller of Customs Alhaji Umaru, who released the empty container of motorcycles under the Letter of Credit (L/C) out of the bonded terminal, and all other suspects confessed that they had committed the crime. However, CP Lagos State then Mr Akpoyibo, who retired as DIG and is a member of Redeemed Church, diverted our criminal case file by ordering Panti to send the file to Lagos State DPP instead of charging them to criminal court.

    Mrs Ogungbesan and Alakija who handled the file are the family members of Redeemed Church. They crashed the credibility of Nigerian Custom and Police with their legal advice (dated 8 July 2009, signed by Mrs Ogungbesan) which hurt our country’s relationship with G20, especially G7, and corruptly hid the main culprits’ names of Nigerian Customs staff (Hausa/Fulani/Yoruba tribes – Assistant Controller of Custom Bapetel Umaru, Shuaibu D. Aliyu, Mrs Onota I.S.), saying that all the suspects Nigerian Police indicted for conspiracy and stealing should be set free, and that there is no evidence against those suspects of stealing. They ignored the power of sophisticated security in L/C that makes it impossible for the consignee and his financial bank to receive or accept an empty container. Up till date their advice stands as a disaster to the Nigerian judiciary.

    Shola Oladejo who rented a part of our house at No.17C, Drive 4, Princess and Princess Estate, Abuja, has refused to pay his rent. From my investigation, I discovered he is a member of REDEEMED CHURCH. He is planning to cause havoc with my worker, which will lead to go to court where they often use to confiscate our properties.

    My facebook friends and IG, help to call Shola Oladejo (08137440637, 08028161963) to leave our house immediately with the money he is owing us. Redeemed Church members are acting like a terrorist organization. They are worse than Asahara Shoko.

    Redeemed Christian Church went ahead to conspire with Mrs Obianyor our devilish neighbor to set gas and chemical to burn my Japanese family inside our house. In their bid to please Hausa/Fulani who started these atrocities with some Yoruba Mulims inside Nigerian Customs when Alhaji Tinubu was Lagos state Governor and Osinbajo, a pastor of Redeemed Christian Church, was the Attorney General of Lagos State. Osinbajo is currently VP of Nigeria.

    This setup of atrocities against us spread to all our investments in Nigeria.
    – Our guest house in my own village Umu Okwaraji in Nkwerre, Imo State is in trouble with Late Anele CHAIRMAN of Abia State National Union of Road Transport Workers and his company, while Orji Uzo Kalu was the Governor Of Abia State then. Late Gani Fawehinmi Chambers was our counsel when Gani (SAN) was alive.

    – Our 12 plots of land in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, for mini estate which was organized by an old Anambra man, C.N. Ogamba, of No.290, Aba Road, Port Harcourt. Barr Nwokorie is handling it.

    – Our house in Abuja organized and bought on our behalf by Union Homes is in trouble. Our counsel is S.I. Ameh (SAN).

    – Our own living house in Lagos was set ablaze by Mrs Obianyor and Redeemed Church members. Lagos State judiciary covered mainly by Redeemed Church members are defending the arsonists.

    – We went to court for civil suit (No.FHC/L/CS/388/2007) against Nigerian Customs and others. D.I. Osuala is our counsel. Our suit was handled by Federal High Court Chief Judge Abutu (rtd.). Archibong took over and adjourned for trial early 2012, but was transferred. Justice Mohammed Yunusa from Borno State took over. I Anacho saw open wickedness of hell fire of injustice. This was more than marginalizing. It was a complete terror from Justice Yunusa.

    Only our lands in Ibeju Lekki are not in trouble yet. Maybe when they want to develop it.

    Alhaji Fashola took over from Alhaji Tinubu as the Lagos State Governor. Their atrocities diverted our goods in Lagos State. Our rented warehouse was broken and thousands of marine engines and motorcycles, worth more than million dollars according to exchange rate then, were taken away. kindly read the full details on our page. Anacho nnojap https://www.facebook.com/anachonnojap/photos/pcb.1075899272475057/1075898955808422/?type=3&theater

  9. The action plan is good one hence so many Nigerian graduate are unemployed if FG need fast growth of economy them service active and production active must be welcome not to encourage idle manpower in the economy.

  10. This people seem not to be aware that they are to make laws and not to give orders to the executive arm of the government

  11. now i believe our representative ready to work bcs this is the first time i would be impressed about their motive

    • They are talking about employing the unemployed since the government has the capacity to pay 23,000 ghost worker then it should be able to pay 23,000 real workers if the parastatals can create room for them.
      While you are here looking for contributions for the unemployed. Rather they give you job than stipends

  12. Replace ghost workers with unemployed youth? Ok! what a sense! So that they can continue to do the work the ghost workers were doing?

  13. I dont think its true they hv this numbers of ghost workers cos someone said they should published the names which they refused to do so.

  14. This is a welcome sense of reasoning, if this is the kind of change this administration is talking about, pls I don’t have anything against it. This idea should be implemented,since ghosts has been eating this money without carrying out any duties,its better humans are placed there and be paid the same amount to execute some seeing task. its welcomed,

  15. Please enough of this mediocrity . It’s ridiculous replacing the living with the alleged ghost. Let them officially sack and write off the names of this ghost said to be working. And if need be, they should publish an advert for vacancy in fed civil service comm. If there are vacancies and not replacement.

  16. We are talking about those that does not exist and drawing salary. Haba! i am not comfortable with the thinkings of these assembly makers.

  17. Reps are more efficient because come up with constructive ideas than the so-called senates that are busy sleeping and snoring during debate.

  18. Nigeria! Nigeria!! Nigeria!!! Ha ha ha. When are we gonig to use our senseses? You said they are ghost workers. Why can’t you get them first, deal with them, before talking of replacing them. Nigerians want to know them. If trully we are fighting corruption

  19. Since they are ghost worners, i presume them invisible. The proper thing to do is to replace them with visible unemployed employable youths. Pleace go ahead and replace the ghosts.

  20. Nigeria’s will continue to suffer in the hand’s of their oppressors.. Everybody is saying good good good replacement of the ghost workers …when the time of replacement comes you will hear another story I think it is very obvious the masses are foolish has anything when there say anything we easily believed them nonsense

  21. To do what?nigeria politicans,is it how china and singerpore was transformed?this apc govt,the are not creative at all,is it not better to use the billions to revive our moribound industries,ajeokuta,and the textile industries,so that people will be employed there,and it will hv mutiplying effect than to give them unproductive employment

  22. But what was the duties of the ghost workers and who received salaries on their behalf? Where are the offices of the ghost workers, who was paying them, their Bank account numbers with which they ‘ve being paying and drawing the salaries? B.V. N? There should be thorough investigation and those behind-the-scenes are brought to book, lest another set of ghost will get employed again.

  23. Comment: this is people oriented motion i expect d govt to do d needful and it should pls do it holistically and not as family and friends


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