OrderPaperToday- Nigeria’s House of Representatives on Thursday, mandated the Committee on Healthcare Services to investigate the issuance of fake COVID-19 vaccine cards in the country. 

The Committee is also to investigate the activities of the COVID-19 vaccination units, especially as it relates to their records of vaccinations to ensure that such records are duly kept in the approved database.

It would also be expected to probe the funds spent on maintaining a National Database of COVID-19 vaccination and the inability of key government agencies to have real-time access to the COVID-19 vaccination database.

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The Committee is to report back within four weeks for further legislative action.

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The House urged the Federal Government to overhaul the operations of the Port Health Services and equip them to world-class standards.

It further pushed for the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHDA) to work towards creating the required synergy between its vaccine operations and the Port Health Services to ensure online real-time access to vaccination records of travelers.

These resolutions were sequel to a motion adopted by Obinna Chidoka (PDP, Anambra) titled ‘On the Call to Investigate the COVID-19 Vaccine Data Base of Travelers.’

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The House noted that it is a pre-condition for foreign travels to most countries that intending travelers must present their vaccination cards showing evidence of COVID-19 vaccination before such trips.

Equally, the House highlighted that records of COVID vaccination administered by the various units nationwide are expected to be uploaded in a database that can be accessed by the COVID-19 Units at the various entry and exit points in Nigeria, particularly at the international airports.

The Green Chamber also expressed concern about the efficiency of the Ports Health Services at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, with the primary responsibility of checking the vaccine and health status of travelers.

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It noted that they do not have efficient synergy with the National Primary Health Care Development Agency that takes care of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, thereby creating embarrassing bottlenecks for travelers on a daily basis.

It was also concerned that the National Primary Health Development Agency, with all the resources at its disposal, cannot maintain effective and efficient handling of its database such that its website collapses frequently, rendering it mostly inaccessible.

The House is worried that the National Primary Health Care Development Agency, which is in charge of COVID-19 the vaccination database, has become a service provider for the airline business, and does not have a dedicated Call Centre for resolving travelers’ COVID-19 related inquiries.

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It also worried that the working environment of the Ports Health Services is shabby and grossly equipped.

The House said it was determined to address the poor working environment of Port Health Services at the Airports and improve synergy between the National Primary Health Care Development Agency, COVID-19 Vaccination Units nationwide, and the Ports Health Services.

The motion was passed when Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila put the question.



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