OrderPaperToday – The House of Representatives spokesperson, Mr. Benjamin Kalu, has said lawmakers come under lots of pressures from constituents, describing some demands as uninformed, unfair and painful.

The lawmaker, who represents Bende federal constituency of Abia State on the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC), made the assertion on Tuesday during a press briefing in the National Assembly complex on Tuesday.

Mr. Kalu made the comment while reacting to a question on why the House has not been able to consider reports of investigations carried out by various committees, thereby limiting performance of the legislature.

He however veered off, saying: “Pressures from constituents are killing lawmakers. The pain that is meted out on members is painful and unfair. Despite the pressure, we will continue doing our job. It is not the job of the legislature to do roads, build hospitals and provide water but they seem to be high expectations from us.

“Members use their private monies to do constituency projects. We use our monies most times to get some of these jobs done. That’s how we were accused of collecting money from Bill Gates to do the Disease Control bill without documented evidence. This parliament is under pressure but that would not deter us from serving the people and doing our job”.

Meanwhile, Kalu also noted that expectations of constituents are misplaced priorities because the duty of a parliament is to make laws for the good governance of the people.

“The expectations and accusations from constituents are misplaced. The media also contributes in putting the parliament in bad light. The media must do away with bad and fake news. I feel pained whenever the media use the word ‘compromised’ because what are we compromising”, he asked.

On the focus of the House this legislative session, the spokesperson assured that the House would immediately swing into action in considering pending burning issues and important bills like the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB), constitution amendment and the electoral amendment.

“Before June we will achieve our goal. We are determined in ensuring this works done,” he said.


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