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Editor's PickReps refute reported rejection of electoral bill by Buhari

Reps refute reported rejection of electoral bill by Buhari

OrderPaperToday – The House of Representatives has denied a media report that President Mohammadu Buhari had turned down the Electoral Act Amendment Bill due to the controversial clause on direct primaries by political parties.

The clarification was made during the weekly press briefing of journalists by the spokesperson of the House, Mr. Benjamin Kalu (Abia, APC).

He said: “I want to tell this house that if Mr. President sends a communication to the House of Representatives, the spokesperson of the House of Representatives should be one of the first to know.  And I can tell you with every amount of audacity that there’s no communication from Mr. President to that effect.

“So any insinuation is the figment of an imagination of those who are trying to increase their lobbying skills. To weaken the hearts of so many people that believe in this advocacy to begin to look the other way thinking Mr. President has turned the other way.”

Kalu also dismissed insinuations that his party, the All Progressive Congress (APC), was the brain behind the direct primaries by political parties for candidates as passed in the electoral bill.

He said: “I want to make it clear that I do not speak for the APC.  I speak for the Parliament- I speak for the House of Representatives where all the political parties resides; I speak for APGA, APC, PDP, and I can tell you Lizzy  Chirkpi of OrderPaper that with my little knowledge of parliamentary practice the majority will always carry the vote while the minority will always have their say.

“So if that’s a trickle amount of certain opinions from opposition on a particular piece of legislation of the House, at times the question should be what is the position of the majority on that issue? Is it the ‘ayes’ of the majority or the ‘nay’ of the majority?  On this issue, the ‘ayes’ have it because they are in majority.”

Lizzy Chirkpi
Lizzy Chirkpi
Lizzy Chirkpi has a BA in French and is a senior reporter at OrderPaper. She has keen interest in photojournalism and video documentary. She's also a writer and author of a book, "Pourquoi Le Francais." She likes reading, traveling and watching movies.
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