By Alex Okoro

OrderPaperToday – The House of Representatives has resolved to halt the installation of speed limit device on motorist nationwide as directed by the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC).

The lower chamber also summoned the Corps Marshal of FRSC, Boboye Oyeyemi to explain why use of the device should not be discontinued.

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The resolution emanated from a motion sponsored under matters of urgent public importance by Mr. Phillip Shaibu (APC-Edo) during Thursday’s plenary session.

Presenting the motion, Shaibu expressed concern that the introduction of the speed limit devices will expose motorists to hazards of armed robbery, car snatching and assassination.

The lawmaker also explained the device has been experimented and abandoned in other African countries due to innate disadvantages.

He said that the speed limit device instructs a vehicle computer system to cut off fuel flow to the electronic injector system of the vehicle engine once the pre-set speed is exceeded.

According to him, “it is an outdated technology. Its introduction will expose motorists to hazards of criminally minded persons such as armed robbers, car snatchers and assassins who ply the roads.”

He advocated for use of an alternative applicable technology known as Spider Technology which uses high technology mobile cameras installed on FRSC patrol vehicles to detect, monitor and track speed limits on highways.

“The spider technology will generate revenue into government coffers as defaulters will pay levies unlike the speed limit technology that profits only the suppliers, ‘’ the lawmaker said.

Similarly, Mr. Johnson Agbonayinman (PDP-Edo) said it was unfortunate that Nigeria was becoming a dumping ground for all sorts of devices.

Agbonayinman said that it would not be fair to introduce the device to Nigerians at the cost of N36, 000 considering that people are trying to make ends meet.

“Its unacceptable for someone to come through the back door to introduce a device that will rip off Nigerians,” he said adding “I think what is needed is to ensure that there are speed breakers where they are necessary and let the road signs be there and for people to obey them.”

Also, Mr. Abubakar Chika (APC-Niger) decried the continuous introduction of different devices which are not beneficial to motorists in the country.

“Not quite long ago we experienced the change of new plate numbers from another by the FRSC and yet that was not beneficial to motorists,” he said.

Mrs. Onyemaechi Mrakpor (PDP-Delta) said that what is more important is for the FRSC to ensure that abandoned vehicles were removed for the roads because they pose dangers to road users.

She posited: “At this time of economic downturn, it would be abnormal to levy Nigerians N36, 000 on such device.

“The condition is so bad that some people, for instance the commercial vehicle drivers cut wires to enable them start their vehicles and where do you want them to get the money for speed limiters.”

Speaker, House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara said that many families in the country are currently faced with financial challenges which may hamper them from getting the device.

“Almost all families are bleeding financially and it will be callous to impose this device on them,’’ he said.

The Speaker, therefore, referred the matter to the House Committee on Federal Road Safety Corps to investigate the matter and report back to the House in four weeks.



  1. Why can’t the FRSC buy the device that can measure speed limit and distribute to their officers? This FRSC is always coming up with ways to scam the citizens out of their hard earn money. How can you ask someone who has registered a car to go and change the registration at his or her own expenses again? Wicked souls.

  2. Thank you to the House of Reps. For saving Nigerians from yet another extortionist scam of the FRSC. The 419 of the new number plates is still fresh in our memories. FRSC does not have their own devices for checking alcohol levels of drivers. Containers fall off rickety trucks from bridges they should’nt be plying and crush people. What actions have FRSC taken to prevent this?Then their oga will come on national tv to talk about international best practices. Yet we dont have DUI gadgets. I paid 18k for the new drivers licence since 2013 and have not got it yet. They want me to pay another bribe to collect it. No way!


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