OrderPaperToday – A member of the House of Representatives, Chris Azubogu (PDP, Anambra) has dismissed allegations of rigging in the recently held national convention of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Mr. Azubogu, a ranking member from Anambra State, said Prince Uche Secondus won the office of national chairman because politics is a game of numbers and that allegations of money politics and micro-zoning were raised by those who are bad losers.

In a chat with OrderPaperNg, the lawmaker said delegates decided solely whom they wanted, saying “when people lose there are always excuses. Politics is very clear, there was zoning and micro-zoning and people sorted out their zoning issues and brought out a candidate that would be acceptable to everybody.

“The party zoned just two key positions, the chairmanship to the South and that of President to the North and these positions were never micro-zoned. Predominantly, the PDP is much in the South-South and they determine what happens in the party”

Explaining further, he said several factors contributed to the voting pattern at the convention. Hear him: “For instance, there are six states in South-South and only one is APC, so in percentage where do you think the vote will come from. Again the South-West that are crying foul how many PDP states do they have in the zone if not only one?”

Continuing he said “politics is a game of number, if you want to vote you vote the person you are comfortable with. It was a matter of calculation, the South-South joining force with the Sourth-East who are equally PDP states.”

On the issue of alleged vote-buying, Azubogu said: ” who brought the money, I didn’t see any money however: people can say whatever they like but the truth is that people who failed to campaign nor reach out to delegates. In the National Assembly we know those that came to seek our vote, I knew those that will lose and those who will win. Mind you politics is about intrigues, it is interest that has been protected and not money.”



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