OrderPaperToday – The All Progressives Congress (APC) has refuted “some false online publications reporting that the party has congratulated David Mark, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in Saturday’s Benue South Senatorial rerun election.”

In a statement signed by Mala Buni, APC’s National Secretary, “the APC has not issued any congratulatory message on the Benue South Senatorial rerun election”.

According to the statement, “the “congratulatory message” purportedly obtained from a twitter handle, “@APCNigeria” did not emanate from the party. The purported twitter message itself is not credited to any APC official.

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“The general public is advised to ignore the false message. The APC reiterates that only the National Chairman and the National Secretary officially speaks for the party.”



  1. In the political history of Buhari, he’s been a bad loser. Whom has Buhari/APC congratulated since they assumed power. It’s either the election is cancelled for a re-run or the Supreme court Judges should be investigated. Quite unfortunate.

  2. APCians are not politicians.a politician must have the spirit of sportsmanship. the present regime is nothing more than bunch of thugs,wuligans who hijacked power by do or die power.buhari is a wicked man who will never congratulate his friend talkless his enemy.

  3. I have the hope that PDP can not do anything again because they accept boko haram sponsor as their new elect national PDP chairman, wow shame to you PDP boko haram

  4. What is stronger than a lion? and what is sweeter than honey?. Thank God it is over. God time is the best time. God bless us all.

  5. E ni ti kiki re o yo ni a i ki ni re o pa ni le bi. If a man’s greeting does not make u feel good. The absence of his greeting should create no distress

    • Am nt a memba of any political party bt I always stnd 4 d truth and notin bt d truth. I nw follow Buhari just bcuz of d fight against corruption n 2 bring governance 2 our door-steps. Am nt against anybdy bt doing wat z ryt at d apprpte tym z d key 2 any sucessfl gov’t dere4, PDP has failed of which mark was a key player. Take it in gud faith my dear broda.

  6. l am not surprised dat david mark was not congratulated by his opposition, bcos Apc do not accept defeat, dat is to show u how patient & intelligent Ex President Gej is by handing over to his successor pmb!!

  7. I pity you shameless people here talking rubbish for not been good sportsmanship. But you people was very happy when GEJ congratulated buhari even before INEC declared buhari a winner . I don’t blamed you because buhari or Apc people have not congratulated any Pdp since this regime came on board . Apc can never accept defend instead they will abused judiciary and INEC.

    • Judiciary abused itself. Judges engaging in inappropriate relationship, what do you call that. When a Supreme Court Judge becomes an Adviser to a Governor whose case is being heard by same Supreme Court, l ask, what do you call that. Judges collecting bribes, what do you call that.

    • Oga, Bayo, do you have facts and figures or you wants to talk like Dakuku Peter who made baseless statement without facts and figures. What stop Apc chairman Oyegun and you to come out with facts and figures so that we can use it against the judges or you stop spoiling the image of judiciary .

  8. Has any political party ever issued a congratulatory letter to a rival party? No. What happens is for the losing candidate to congratulate the winner, and in so doing, he doesn’t do that in a letter. If you say Onjeh is yet to congratulate Mark, its a proper statement, but why should if be APC. Ok PDP is yet to congratulate PMB; they’ve no business doing that.

    • Longtong, you are not in nigeria when GEJ congratulated Oshomohole and Okorocha on their victory . You are not in nigeria when GEJ congratulated pmb even before INEC declared him winner .You should know that Apc people are not democrat , we wants to win by all cost or they shed blood .

    • The caption says APC is yet to write and congratulate Mark. Then you are saying GEJ congratulated Buhari etc. GEJ is not PDP. PDP did not congratulate PMB. My point.

  9. Telephone is a luxury that poor man cant get said by David Mark then so also is Congratularory message to him ia a luxury.

  10. That is good news apc is not a party is a gang up people but let them wait and see what will happon in 2019 there is an eyes that is on them all the time looking at them

  11. I think d postr of dis post reasons wt his or her anus y congrtulatng mark 4 what? aftr retiring as a military gv of niger state a senator for 8yr senate presidnt for 8yr & nw a floor member u cud hv advcd him 2 invst on his monies & let him touch ppls lifes.

  12. Congratulated him for what, no be boko haram members he be we can not congratulate him, let him go an seat down for house chamber like that we no have issue with him

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  14. Mark won sympathy votes to make him serve out his term in the Senate. So he did not really win. You would have imagined Mark, the longest serving Senator to flushed out unceremoniously, it would have been a big blow. Mark has never won any Election before that was not controversial. Before now, Young Alhaji crushed him but Federal powers imposed him. So what is now special about the re-run purportedly won by him.

  15. I pity them in that constituency,is it only D Mark,the man have caged all of then in that constituency,if not they will not vote for only him to represent them since 1999.


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