OrderPaperToday – Member of the House of Representatives, Mr. Dachung Bagos, on Tuesday, demanded justice for victims of ongoing killings in Plateau State.

The member, representing Jos South/Jos East federal constituency, insisted that the only solution to the killings in the state was to allow justice to prevail.

Furthermore, the lawmaker blamed the lingering killings in Jos and environs on the lack of political will on the part of government to act on security intelligence and offer justice to the victims against the perpetrators.

While making his recommendations, the lawmaker stated that an establishment of state police would be an option to curbing the incessant killings. He explained further that the existing command structure of the federal police is cumbersome and ineffective for quick response to security situations.

Additionally, in his address to journalists in Abuja, Bagos described it as “worrisome”, a situation where attackers would invade communities, kill and retreat without recourse to law. More worrisome is the fact that such perpetrators were usually labelled as unknown gunmen, he lamented, adding that the government would curiously engage the perpetrators in the name of peace and signing pacts with the intent to make the people live together.

“If people could be identified at such point to sign peace pacts, why is nobody being tried or taken to jail? As long as the perpetrators are not brought to book, they will continue to remain as unknown gunmen,” he said.

The lawmaker described the continuous invasion of communities and killings as a “land grabbing agenda” and reiterated that “we need justice on the Plateau, and we need our lands back. So whosoever is signing peace pacts on behalf of the attackers should be asked to produce the unknown gunmen.”

Again, Bagos who has been vocal on the killings that have lingered since 2001, lamented that the killings had been given religious, political, and different undertones without finding a lasting solution.

Suggesting a way out, the lawmaker said, “Justice is the answer.”

He also condemned the practice of security agencies that are in the habit of arresting community youths, stating that these young people are only defending themselves after the killers invade communities, cause harm, and chase people away.


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