OrderPaperToday- Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Agricultural Colleges and Institutions, Mr. Linus Okorie (Ohaozara/Onicha/Ivo Federal Constituency, Ebonyi State) has faulted Tinubu’s recent criticisms of Minister of State for Petroleum Ibe Kachikwu.

In a similar vein, Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Public Petitions, Mr. Uzoma Nkem- Abonta upbraided Tinubu for his criticism of Kachikwu over the handling of the energy crises in the polity.

In a statement released yesterday, Okorie said Tinubu derailed by using the attacks as a platform to blame the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and shore up his party image, than genuine concern for the people.

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According to him, the APC leader should share the blame for the failure of his party to fulfill its promises to Nigerians, instead of dwelling on excuses or looking for scapegoats.

The lawmaker while agreeing with most of Tinubu’s concerns and criticisms directed at Kachikwu, however disagreed with him on linking the current handling of affairs to that of former PDP administration.

He said: “Unfortunately, Tinubu mysteriously derailed from this ennobling track for no sensible reason than, probably an urge to redeem some modicum of public respect and confidence for the APC, which evidently has lost more political capital through a consistent display of planlessness and crass incompetence than even its extreme opponents could have contemplated, a few short months ago.”

This, according to Okorie,  he did by attempting a weak and non-contextual connection of the PDP to the “undemocratic excesses” of a rapidly evolving fascist regime of the APC.

He said: “With the greatest of respect to the ‘Lion of Bourdillon’, the APC has a responsibility to deliver on its over 3,000 promises to Nigerians and would do well to keep its eye on the ball than this compulsive and overburdened recline into the past.

“The ‘issues that press us’ cannot be resolved by President Bauhari and the APC by the continual bashing of the PDP which has long yielded power. The only reason the APC is in government today is because they laid alluring claims to some magical and often esoteric ‘solutions’ of the problems of the Nigerian nation.

“Tinubu, an accomplished chartered accountant, is well aware that ‘sunk costs’ or irretrievable expenditure in whatever quantum add no value to corporate plans and bottom line. He is in the know that clear plans/policies, focused implementation and diligent monitoring systems are the basic parameters for productive governance.

“Can he, in clear conscience and at the risk of personal integrity, point to the Buhari/APC policies on any sector of the economy, including the petroleum sector to ‘support his confidence that President Buhari and this government can resolve the issues that press us’?,” he queried.

Mr. Nkem- Abonta who is from Abia State, upbraided Tinubu for his criticism of Kachikwu over the handling of the energy crises in the polity.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, Nkem -Abonta (Ukwa East/West Federal Constituency)  wondered why Tinubu chose to meddle in the affairs of the Petroleum Minister with a presidential mandate to fix the problem in the sector.

The lawmaker enjoined Tinubu not to reduce a sensitive issue relating to the management of the petroleum sector into an APC affair




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