Nobody is denying that Isa Ali Pantami, Nigeria’s minister of communications and digital economy has been a terrorist sympathiser, who at least aided and abetted their activities (assuming he doesn’t to this day). He has admitted, no more gaslighting anybody about the facts.

Nobody expects Buhari to sack him as should. Buhari is immoral, amoral, and a hypocrite. He sees nothing wrong with having such a dangerous individual in the cabinet and overseeing our individual private data, despite Pantami’s link with and love for terrorists, terrorism, and terrorist groups. Isn’t Buhari himself an extremist?

The law in sections 4 and 5 of the Terrorism (Prevention) Act already states the penalty for someone in Pantami’s shoes. But being a lawless country, again nobody expects the law to kick automatically. We are left with one option.

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Kemi Adeosun, then minister of finance, was guilty of forged documents she used in getting the job. When the news broke she ought to have quietly resigned. The law should’ve kicked in, nothing of the sort happened.

She was being blackmailed and taken advantage of. Bukola Saraki, then senate president, and Yakubu Dogara, speaker, were in on this secret and taking advantage of her. It’s the only explanation for a 10 billion naira she released for them nobody has an explanation for. Were we a normal country, these too would’ve been investigated, and brought to book.

Kemi was going no where! She sat there pretty, shamelessly. We pushed her out with 66 days of DAILY, relentless advocacy. On the 67th day she capitulated, resigned and ran away. Her burden became the discredited regime’s albatross and needed to be cut loose.

Isa is a dangerous individual, by far more deadly and a threat than Kemi could ever be. I hear people saying he’s going no where because Buhari won’t sack him, as usual, and he too won’t resign either. ‘Nothing will happen’ I hear others say.

You are both right and wrong. Nothing will happen if you say so. Something will happen if the advocacy for this dangerous terrorist sympathiser continues non-stop DAILY for as long as it takes. If it means leaving every other thing and facing this terror, so be it, till Pantami gives in. He will if Nigerians want. Let nobody deceive you.



Akume, Public Affairs Analyst and social engineer, writes from Abuja and tweets @sesugh_akume



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