OrderPaper, Nigeria’s leading parliamentary monitoring organisation with specialised engagement solutions that bridge the gap between citizens and their elected representatives in parliament, offer a range of tailored-fit services from analysis, legislative research drafting, capacity building to advocacy Strategies to empower you to engage meaningfully with the legislative process and your constituency. Contact us today via our Email: media@orderpaper.ng or Call: +234 704 700 3031, +234 704 700 3032

Let’s help you achieve your legislative goals, make a difference in shaping public policy and create a lasting impact in your constituency and the nation at large.

OrderPaper’s Media Products and Specialized Service Offerings

    1. SPEED: Our Stewardship Profile Enhancement and Engagement Database (SPEED) service is hosted on our website for individual legislators to own and manage their public interfaces and digital presence directly. It is an essential innovative gateway that empowers legislators to tell their success story and communicate their stewardship uncensored. The self- owned portal is subscription-based and has two categories – basic and premium – with graduated benefits that include organized digital footprint, multimedia layout, and automated stewardship downloads, etc. A promotional price of N850,000 naira for premium and N550,000 naira, only for basic is currently on limited
    1. Spotlight Profiles: This service offers you the opportunity to showcase your achievements and initiatives as a legislator as a single one-off story. Our team will conduct an in-depth interview with you and curate the content alongside other materials provided to reach targeted audiences on our website and social media. This service costs N200,000.00 only
    1. Showcase Personality Interviews: Our Showcase Personality Interview allows you to share your thoughts, opinions, and insights on matters of national importance, alongside a significant profiling of yourself, including lavish use of personal photos. This service costs N200,000.00 only
    1. Sponsored Press Release: With this service, you can promote your events, activities, bills, motions or petitions through sponsored press releases. Our platform provides a targeted audience interested in legislative matters, allowing you to reach the right people at the right time. This service costs N100,000.00 only
    1. Curated Bills Board: This service provides a comprehensive story-telling of a bill, showcasing sponsor, status, key objectives, and other relevant details. Presented in text summaries, infographics and short videos, it is a useful tool for legislators, researchers, and citizens interested in legislative activities. This service costs N150,000.00 only
    1. Constituency Projects Coverage:We provide coverage for constituency projects being executed, highlighting their impact and progress. This service helps constituents to track the performance of their representatives and promotes accountability. This service costs N1,000,000.00 for coverage and production, excluding transportation and accommodation
    1. Notice Board (Committee Activities): Keeping your constituents and stakeholders informed about your committee activities through our Notice Board service is an ideal opportunity to announce committee meetings, public hearings, and memorandum submission. This service costs N200,000.00 only
    2. Social Media Handling: We also offer social media management services to help you engage with your constituents on platforms such as X Space (Twitter), Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We will help you create engaging content, manage your accounts, and engage with your followers. This service costs N300,000.00 per quarter only.
    3. Promotional Guest Appearance: Our specially curated events, including OPEN (OrderPaper Parliamentary Engagement Network) Space and Leg’ACE (Active Citizens Engaging the Legislature) Plenary, are a veritable opportunity for conscious legislators to engage targeted audiences, canvass and advance their positions. A minimum promotional appearance fee of N300,000.00 is applicable
    4. Sponsored Social Media Posts:We offer sponsored posts on X and Facebook for message amplification and citizen engagement. This costs N100,000.00 per post