OrderPaperToday– Balogun Adebayo Olusegun is the member representing Ibeju Lekki I federal constituency of Lagos State under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the House of Representatives.

He has sponsored zero bill in the first half of the 9th National Assembly.

He serves as a member of the Committee on Safety Standards and has been one of the leading voices advocating for the campaign for state/community policing in the House.

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Mr. Olusegun started his political career at the grass-root level before his emergence as the representative of Ijebu Lekki I federal constituency in the House. He had served as an Executive Chairman of Ijebu Lekki Local Government, and had also served as Commissioner for Lagos State.

Mr. Balogun Adebayo Olusegun

Records reveal that he joins the no-show bill chart at midterm (June 2019 РJune 2021) alongside ten of his counterparts of the Lagos State team.  It can therefore be said that he has given the people of his constituency and his opposition reasons to doubt his capacity as a legislator having scored zero in bills sponsorship, which is one of the primary mandates required of him.

Nonetheless, a strong track record of performance on the areas of representation and oversight, which are also key responsibilities of a lawmaker could makeup for the blank performance on bills sponsorship.

Perhaps he would do better and have sponsored bills accredited to his name before the end of the 9th assembly.




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